Loving up our h*OM*e with Christmas*


Last Christmas I was inspired by blue and silver tones but this year, I am craving simple and clean and neutral tones.  I suppose it makes perfect sense that in a home full of deeply sensitive folk, that less stimulation, even in design, would feel soothing to our souls.  


I did want one burst of color and I chose to put it in my kitchen, which has shelves of colorful vintage kitchenware, so it was fitting...


It was such a sweet night with my boys and fur-babes decorating our tree.  Earlier we had driven all the way up to the mountains to get our tree at a tree farm but they were all closed early that night perhaps because the temperature dropped so low.  So, we decided to go to this darling independent nursery in town.  There was a gentle earthy soul who was so passionate about how to take good care of our tree and helped wrap it up tender up on our car.

I have such beautiful memories decorating our tree growing up with my sister and parents.  Helping my father detangle the lights and them sitting back and watching my sister and I place each ornament where we feel it belongs as the old classic Christmas songs echoed throughout our home.  So to witness my Cedar doing the same brought tears to my eyes. His joy brought it all back for me. 

Elvis & Salish having a little chat

Elvis & Salish having a little chat

Oh, and the night before we decorated a mini tree for Cedar's room.  I brought it home to surprise him and he nearly cried saying "Thank you for this gift!  I love this gift!" and he repeated that over and over as he decorated the tree with tiny ornaments.  He also did a little dance to Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redborn's "Baby Its Cold Outside".  He has great taste in music. ; )


The next morning someone woke up so delighted with our Christmasy house...

Salish puppy & Cedar

Salish puppy & Cedar