family and patterns and healing*

I asked for some alone time today. I have been in deep need of solitude to sort out my thoughts. So, I sit here at a local coffee shop and I am slowly breathing in the aroma of my chai latte sitting near my MacBook.

I am such a sharer. For years in this space I have spilled the big stuff going on in my heart. I have come to this place to let it out, for processing, for healing, for moving through the myriad of emotions that come with it all. I have also come here to find my voice and with hopes that by me sharing my story, others will not feel alone and gather up courage and bravery to find their own. That is why it has been so hard that I have been unable to spill about some pretty huge emotions and shifts going on in my immediate family right now. Pieces of it are so private, so sacred and some of the people involved are not as open to share their life as I have done so openly. So, I respect their feelings, their choices and their needs and because of this, I am unable to share here.

I sit here at this table in a public space wiping my tears, trying to breathe them back, to look out the window and focus on something, anything else so I don't draw any attention.

The holidays whirled by at the beach house and then settling back into home and then packing again for another week away. When life is busy like this, I keep above water and don't have a moment to sink into mySELF and all that is going on within. Until now. Until solitude. Until gazing out of the window at passersby. It comes rushing in.

I have such a wide open heart and I feel so much. Not only my emotions but the emotions of those I love. It can feel overwhelming and the natural part of me...the "who" I have been in this family since I was born into it, is the peacemaker. I could make other's pain or hurtful words go away with smiles and being funny or charming or warm and loving. Many times just brushing the hard and icky parts under the rug, just to keep the peace. Setting boundaries with people I love goes so against my grain but I have learned how to do this slowly, in my life. My husband has been a huge part of recognizing my need to step back and protect my space and my heart so that my openness and kindness are not taken advantage of. Being a mother has naturally exercised those muscles of creating a healthy environment in my life, for my husband and son.

Roles and relationships are shifting within my family. It is new territory but so needed...for all of us. We crave change and yet are so afraid of it. It will take time. Gentle, patient time but in the meantime, I struggle most with feeling so misunderstood by some. I am sure each of us struggle with this, in our own way. I am holding onto hope that we are all on our way to feeling a little more understood, so the healing can begin.

Its big stuff and some days I walk softly with it; open arms, just trusting. Some days I feel consumed with the fear of old patterns, habitual reactions and past wounds. Some days I feel raw to the bone and tender to the core. Some days I feel firm footed and brave....wild woman...boundless...ready. Today I feel ALL of it.

I love my whole family so much. Every single one of them. We are a blessed bunch to have one another. The reasons why we were put on this earth together is for stuff like this: Growing pains and spreading our wings and the support to take flight. And this is why all of this feels so big to me.

I will be at my sister's farm for a week. I may or may not be able to post from there. Perhaps just some images, perhaps not. But I know I will feel wrapped up having shared the stuff going on with me that has kept me more silent here than usual.

When I look at this photo above, I am brought back to a simpler place where the three of our souls dance together. Where shifting old family patterns can start at the beginning, here in our wee home. Where I can gently guide Cedar with the wisdom I will gather through this experience to always be gently honest with us, to know and speak his truth and to be true to his heart.

Thank you for holding this space lightly for me and for respecting that this is all I can share.

Healing is my word for 2011.

Gratitude Garland*

Inspired by the beautiful Amanda, the five of us sat around the table on Christmas Eve and created our own Gratitude Garland. Each of us had gathered beauty from the earth to paint, draw and write on. We wrote what we feel grateful for. Boho Brother stayed up the latest layering found objects with his unique arty style. The next morning I woke up to Boho Brother and Omi hanging it on the porch of the beach house. magical.  I think I will take it home and hang it in our house to remind me how much being grateful for even the smallest of things, can shift your heart.

So many more images to share but here is one of our most cherished that we continue to gaze at with hearts swollen with love.

{People always ask me what Cedar is wearing, so I think I will start doing that at the end of my posts. ; ) Hat is from Baby Gap. Handmade crocheted scarf made by Cedar's Auntie Pammie, branch shirt by Kicky Pants}

a beachy, arty day…

Cedar is loving his time with Uncle Jon-Erik (aka Boho Brother). He wakes in the morning and runs around looking for him in all the corners of the house...but you can usually find him out on long walks come rain or shine. I love love love this image of Cedar running up towards his uncle's open arms. We had been playing in puddles for a while and when his uncle surprised him up on the hill, Cedar went running. *sigh*

The brothers walked up to a sandy hill and were walking through the seagulls as they took flight. You can see the two of them in the background while Cedar explores new textures in the sand.

After washing off the sand at the beach shower, we put him in the warm shower at home...back into his comfy feetie pajamas and Boho Brother brought out his art box and paper to explore some art.

Mmmmmm...its been just me and the boys.

Until tonight...when Omi arrives (hopefully safely as a thunderstorm is coming in!).

Oh, and here is my weekly kissy photo except this time with five canker sores. heard me...FIVE...all on the rim of my bottom lip. Have no idea what caused them but we are giving them tender loving care. Well, not the kissing kind because Boho Boy kissed me last night and his whiskers made them bleed. Ouch!


We are marinating in the energy the Solstice brings.

Here is me, earlier today, lounging near a fire at the beach house during Cedar's nap. Boho Boy made me a yerba mate with vanilla rice milk and agave nectar with whipped cream and peppermint bark sprinkles (YUM). I was writing a list of all of the parenting books you suggested on my previous post. I was only able to download Unconditional Parenting from iBook on my the rest we will search for at a bookstore around here. Raising Children, Raising Ourselves is on its way. All of this wisdom is transforming our hearts in beautiful ways. Our intuition always leads us with Cedar but gentle wisdom helps too. ; )

Oh, and how is this for adorable...

May the Solstice rain many droplets of peace and calm.

scenes from last night*

Last night was magical.  We played in a wee Christmas Village.  Cedar was blissed.

Christmas this year will feel different for my side of the family...for many reasons. One of them being that we are staying home this year. Boho Boy's mother and Boho Brother are joining us and we are venturing to a beach house not far from here. We'll be just like that song Tennessee Christmas that Amy Grant sings on her Christmas Album about going to Southern California and coming home with a tan for the holidays. ; ) Well, not really as the forecast is rain...but at least a few steps away from our front door there will be ocean, sand and palm trees.

I have lots planned for the five of us and the 8 days we are gone. I packed a craft bag tonight and I imagine some creative goodies laid out on the table with music and a fire burning in the fireplace, hot cider, paint, pens, paper, cardboard and string. This will be after we spend the day finding treasures to add to our project. I am hoping we have internet, so I can post the photos but if not, you will see them when we return.

I will miss my family achingly so. There has been some heavy emotional terrain each of us have walked through individually and as a family, so the tenderness in all of that leaves me feeling melancholy. I think it is one of the reasons Boho Boy wanted to get away and do something new and fresh. To lighten things up and to create new memories with his family. I look forward to being surrounded by new energies and stories and bonding through it all.

I hope to post again but if the internet is not working there, then I guess that is one more reason to be present, right? I am sending each of you warm hugs, silent holy nights, swirly white lights and a peace within.


way too much fun*

self portrait with hipstamatic on iPhone4

I took this today while wrapping gifties. Do I look done? ; )

Having WAY too much fun with my phone. Now that I am getting the hang of it, I will practice on other objects other than myself...I promise. ; )

The three things I am grateful for today that I wrote in my Gratitude Journal:

  • How Cedar's curls feel against my cheek
  • Hearing Boho Boy peacefully sleeping upstairs while I wrap gifts down below
  • Recording myself dancing in the kitchen for Sus on my iPhone and sending it to her (oh no, watch out friends!)

{ps. my head wrap is from Colour Bazaar.  love her stuff}


my very first hipstamatic photo with my iPhone4. ; ) i have so much to learn.

really loving everyone's stories in my previous post. parenting is all the colors of the rainbow and more as every child is unique in their needs. so beautiful for the opportunity to peek into what has flowed for all of you. do keep sharing. we all learn from one another.

and as always, i cherish the little nuggets that feel right to our wee family. {i notice i am singing more to cedar today. he is responding to my sing songy voice. i feel like mary poppins.}

circus and therapy*

We should all start eating our celery and peanut butter in the middle.  Its where the good stuff is.  I love that he does this.

My days with Cedar have been so full.  His discovery of life...of emotions and energy and feelings and desires and needs are so big and the two of us feel so intertwined.   And I am in Love.  And I am so worn.  I don't know how you single parents do it but I will forever bow down to you.  Forever.

I am so tired that it is hard to put into words how this last week has been for us.  He is discovering so much more of his separateness and is expressing it in new ways.  The best way to describe it is that I feel like all day long I am either at the Circus or in Therapy.  Our children can be our mirrors and throughout the day I feel myself being triggered in some way.  Motherhood is like a never ending therapy session.  ; )

Guess what.  Remember I said I wanted an iPhone?  Well the very next day, Cedar and I were on a hike and I slid down a muddy slope and my feet flew out in front of me and when I landed, my Palm Pre went flying in the air and crashed down on a rock.  Totally cracked and broken.  I took that as a huge sign that it was time to move on.  We got iPhone's tonight!!!  I am so giddy about the better photo quality and the fun apps to play with and the video messaging.  I heard from my friends that I may get obsessed.  Would love to hear what apps are your faves!

Would also love to hear about your creative ways of how you inspired, encouraged, guided your toddler to listen to you (when they decide they don't want to).  Also, are you into time-outs?  If not, what worked for you?  I always love to hear your stories.  Stories are so much more fun than advice.  I am loving the book Parenting for a Peaceful World but I can only read it in bits.  Mama is tired at night.

question to my readers & winner*

{me & my flyaway roots, self portrait}

I took this photo for my loved ones with my Palm Pre to document a flirty day at Whole Foods. Let me explain but first may I say I am not happy with the photo quality from my Palm Pre phone? I don't remember which version it is but I think it is one of the first to come out, so I am sure they have improved on it but my photographer heart is longing for the groovy iPhone that most of my peeps have (with the funky phone apps). Must save up for such things.  For now, I will be grateful that I am able to take photos with my phone, period.

Okay, so flirty day at Whole Foods. Its been a long time since I've been flirted with. I don't expect to ever be and I don't need to be and I don't seek it out but when it happens, I suppose I am at the age where one might make a bigger deal out of it than before. You lovelies approaching 40 and older know EXACTLY what I am talking about! I walked into Whole Foods the other day sans Cedar because he was hanging with his daddy. It was the best grocery trip EVER. I got flirted with by the produce man, the meat dude, the deli gal, the body care woman and the boys at the check out. Most of them said something about my hair and all of them made me blush but the ones that made me blush the most were the ladies. They flirt WAY sexier than the boys. I heart women. I just remember sitting in my car in the parking lot after loading up the groceries and smiling to myself. I sat there breathing that feeling in. I felt really sexy and realized that I haven't tapped into that essence in too long. I've been in mommy mode with stained clothes, messy buns, baggy clothes and food on my face. It felt good to slip on a somewhat snug dress and go about the town. When I came home to tell Boho Boy about my flirty day, I noticed he was more affectionate and attentive the remainder of the day.  Then something one of my dear friends said to me came flooding into my mind; "Our partners vibe off of how we feel about ourselves." Man, its so true. So many times I project onto my husband that he doesn't find me as sexy as he used to but truly, it is me that has been neglecting my sexiness. We both project onto one another as lovers/partners all the time. Just something I've been chewing on and offer up for you to chew on.

Note to self:  Wear red dress more often.

Onto the Question for YOU beauties...

Those of you that have read throughout my journey here on my blog are aware that I am definitely into a communal vibe.  I like to include my readers in on some of my posts by asking questions to learn from YOUR wisdom and journeys, as well.  Many have written me and thanked me for helping them to feel part of a community of sorts and for providing a space for them to spill that feels safe.  This has meant so much to me and it is what inspired me to create my e-course in the first place.

My husband and I were talking about my e-course on a drive this past weekend.  He had thought it would be a cool idea to have my blog readers somehow be a part of the course (whether they take the course or not).  So, we brainstormed some ideas.  One idea he had that I LOVED was to put out a call to you lovelies to do a video for me, answering a few questions.

So...I am putting out a call to whomever is interested in spreading some of their juicy wisdom to my e-course students.

The Details:

  • If you're into this idea,  create a video of yourself answering the two questions (or you can choose one):  What do you do to nurture yourself when you are feeling depleted? and What makes you feel like a wanton sexy goddess? It can be you telling a story about something that happened to you or just sharing ideas, tips, tricks that have helped you or just spilling your heart about these topics.
  • Video should be no longer than 10 minutes (that way you can upload it to Youtube if you'd like since 10 min is their limit)
  • Email the video file to me at nectargirlcourse (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Also include in the email a self portrait, a short bio about yourself, as well as your website/blog links.
  • During the e-course,  I will post a video from one of my blog readers on the Nectar Girl e-course private blog once or twice a week (depending on how many videos I have  available in my library).

So, not only would it be another space for you to tell your story and inspire other women but it would also give you an opportunity to promote your blog or creative business in a safe and nurturing venue.

Just as much as you always support me, it is important to me to support you on your journeys.

Okay, onto the WINNER of last week's GIVEaway:

#60...{drum roll}... Brie of Fall Creek Fibers!!! You won a spot in Marianne's awesome 30 Days of Yoga e-course! Brie, Send me an email at denise (at) and I will direct you to Marianne in order to get you signed up for the course.  Congrats my dear.  I took a deep breath and let out an "Ommmmm"...and imagined a white light on the person to be chosen for this course.  Then your number was generated.  Blessings!

what we've been up to...

The other day we had a bit of a rough day at the park. Cedar was being teased by some boys for feeding a rocking Sea Horse his water from a sippy cup and a bite of his snack. Then again he was mocked for being animated. My heart broke as his body melted into me in tears when he figured out what they were doing. I worried if moments like this would crush his sweet spirit. Cedar and I had a heart to heart about it. I looked him in the eyes and told him that I understand him and that he is so loved just as he is.  Again, I wondered if at two years old, he really grasped the message I was sending to him. Then we were about to leave and the boys that were teasing him were standing up at a bench, eating dried cranberries in a bowl. Cedar went up to see what they were doing and he laid his head on the shoulder of the boy that purposely laughed in his face a half our prior. I choked back tears. He lays his head on his stuffed animals and people when we say "give it/them love". He was giving this boy love. I know many would say to me right now "but he's two years're thinking too deep. he was just being cute." But in my heart I feel that Cedar must know somewhere down deep that when people intentionally hurt others, it is because they are hurting inside...and that boy needed love.

Here is a glimpse of our days together which have opened up to a bigger world now that I have been on the internet less. I am soaking this time in as I know life will become fuller soon.

{most are taken with my palm-pre phone!}

{you can still enter the e-course giveaway here...until sunday at 9pm PST}

e-course GIVEaway!

Whether you've never practiced yoga before and want to get started, or have attended classes regularly for years, 30 Days of Yoga is an online program designed to support you to begin a regular practice of yoga in the comfort of your own home. Marianne has crafted it lovingly to meet the needs of people who are not getting what they need from large yoga classes or mass-produced DVDs.

Meet my dear friend, Marianne...{I shared a bit more about her on my blog here}.

{ by Stefanie Renee}

Her approach is grounded in a radical form of self-kindness because she believes that we all respond better to kindness than criticism and because kindness works. It’s a powerful and transformative force.

Marianne says:

"The approach works because I’m teaching what I know best. I’m the expert on struggling to get into a steady home practice of yoga because I’ve struggled myself. I’ve tried bribing myself into it, nagging myself into it, forcing myself into it. None of them worked. What works – for me and for hundreds of others – is the simple, transformative, compassionate approach that I set out in this course."

If you are a beginner then you’ll be pleased to know that the January course of 30 days of yoga is going to include a brand-new beginners version. You don't need to have any experience of yoga at all, nor do you need fancy yoga pants. That's the beauty of yoga at home, you can do it in your underwear if you like!

The 30 days will begin on 4 January 2011 (the first new moon of the new year).  Read more here.

GIVEaway Rules:

  • Winner receives one spot in this awesome e-course (would be a wonderful gift too!)
  • To enter, please leave a comment giving yourself some "self kindness" in some way (a word affirmation, something you love about your mind, spirit, body or soul or a gentle reminder for yourself)
  • Comment can be one word or many
  • Winner will be chosen at random
  • Comments will be closed Sunday, December 12th at 9pm PST
  • Blessings to all.

{I will be publishing other blog posts before Sunday but will continue to direct readers to this post so they will know to enter}

texture clothing*

both boho boy is wearing knit mitts in swamp & black and i am wearing them in chocolate & pumpkin spice.  i am also wearing the comfy skirt in the color swamp and the posh pants in black

*All Boho Girl blog readers get %20 off Texture Clothing thru December 24th!!!*

{just add the code "boho20" when purchasing}

When we were getting ready for our trip to Bellingham, we had heard from a few friends that a must do while there is to visit Texture Clothing downtown.  My friend Marybeth lives in and loves her yummy red Posh Pants and when she modeled them for me one day on a video she made for us, I made sure to save up for my own pair.  I loved how they fell on her bod!

So, during our trip, I walked into the darling store and immediately fell in love with the gorgeous fabrics and colors, the earthy vibe and easy going energy.  This really stunning woman walked up to me to say hello and welcome me to the store.  I remember feeling shy because she was so gorgeous and sparkly with a red flower stuck inside one of her two messy buns.  She asked me about my dreadlocks and where I got them done and then we just started chatting like two girlies about hair and clothes and I let her know we were moving there soon.  It was then that I found out her name was Teresa and she was the Proprietress of Texture Clothing and I think I blushed.  I told her that my friend who lives there, Marybeth crushes out on her clothes and she said "I remember Marybeth"., I amazingly cool to feel such a small town vibe in that moment.  It was obvious to me in this conversation that Teresa cares deeply about her customers, the environment and giving back to her community.

Over the last few months her and I have exchanged emails, so excited to meet for tea when we will officially be neighbors.  I am honored to collaborate with her on my blog to get the word out about her delicious, eco-conscious and comfy duds.   My posh pants are an almost daily item on my bod and I am loving how fun the comfy skirt looks and feels layered over them.  What I love most about her styles is they are very flattering for women with curves...yay!!!

Teresa sent Boho Boy and I a pair of knit mitts and I was wondering how he would feel about them.  He is not a glove person and is sensitive about fabric held tight to his skin.  When he slipped these soft and warm babies on, he actually said "Mmmm..." (no joke) and is now a convert!  Thank you, Teresa!  ; )  I want a pair in every shade...and they come in such a beautiful array of color combos and would make such an awesome gift.

I can't say enough about this company but I will let them do it for you:

Introducing the farm fresh, always stylish, eminently approachable, intriguing feel of texture. Welcome to the look of understated hip, with a contemporary flair and old world integrity. Delightfully different, texture combines fabulous fabrics and dynamic, clean design to create simple, functional clothing with spice.

Orchestrated by Teresa Remple and born of a desire to craft clothing with soul, texture creates clothing looking for people who don't rely on their label to introduce them. Enter texture stage left. Think gypsy vibe and travel savvy with the ease of real world living built in. Distinctly different women - no vanilla: apply within.

Teresa Remple is the naturally caffeinated instigator and inspiration for texture clothing. A seventeen year veteran of the summer festival scene, Teresa embodies a compassionate, earth first vision for the under appreciated, and misunderstood HEMP fabric. A Fashion Arts graduate with a passion for textiles that makes her special, she's all about working hard and living lean.

Texture is a boutique without the pretense ~ hard wearing, high fashion ~ figure flattering cuts ~ street legal HEMP product ~ not the coffee sack fashion typical of HEMP clothing ~ lovingly made, deftly stitched, beautifully patterned in the Pacific NW ~ clothing with a conscience.

being held*

clients in love, canon 50d

Today, while driving Cedar to the library, I heard a song by Sara Bareilles and a few lyrics have stayed with me...

" hold me without touch".

I have been trying to find words that will express to some people in my life who are not near me but feel so close, the connection between us. It is other worldly to sometimes feel more understood and seen by those that cannot touch you in a physical way every day.

You hold me without touch.

Yes...those are the words I have been searching for. 

facebook, twitter and being present*

Hello lovelies. I have surfaced from a bit of time away from the computer. Boho Boy was home from work and I really wanted to be present as a family...together. He too stayed away from the internet. The break was nourishing for our computer geek hearts.

This brings me to a pretty big decision I made and it has taken me months to come to this place with confidence that is is right for me. I decided to take a break from both Facebook and Twitter for a while. I am not sure if this is a permanent decision or if it is temporary. I most likely will create a new Facebook and Twitter account focusing on my e-course when registration begins in February because to me personally, I feel it will be important to have a space for the Nectar Girls to gather and share.  But as far as personal accounts, it was beginning to feel a bit overwhelming for me. I haven't yet tried to put the feelings that brought me to this decision into words, so bare with me.

First let me begin with how grateful I have been for social media/networking, period. Blogging has guided me to so many like minded spirits. It was how I found some of my people, my dear friends for life...kindred spirits that gathered with me in a virtual garden to nourish one another. This space has given so many of us permission to express and be all the layers of who we are. I can't say enough about blogging and it is why I choose to show up here and share my story, not only to record my life for my son and family but also to encourage others to tell their own stories;  for healing, for gathering, to not feel alone in this world. I am not sure if my blog will ever go away. You're stuck with me as far as this space goes. ; )

Facebook and Twitter didn't always feel so nourishing. What I was grateful for is how Facebook led me to very old and dear friends from various parts of my life: high-school, church, mission trips, college, previous jobs and the blogging community. It gave me a peek into their lives as I always wondered how their journeys unfolded. It kept me in touch with my lovelies;  a peek into their daily doings and a space to exchange words of support or quotes or images of our babes or new hair styles, etc. I will miss this part.  Although, since I tend to be a person that desires to be fully present with my exchanges, I found myself lost in it all most of the time. I am not the best at balancing my energy into many different places at once. I felt a pressure (not from others, but from myself) to show up to not only my home and family but my blog, Facebook and Twitter to share my heart and life. Some of my time that needed to be spent with Cedar and creating an environment in my home that is important to me, was directed towards these spaces and I was left feeling torn. I never felt I could keep up and at times, it brought to surface emotions of not being enough. I noticed that emails in my inbox were not being responded to. Emails from close friends and family that are important to me.  The time I could spend picking up the phone or responding to the email, was spent telling the world that I just brushed my teeth or drank a cup of coffee or my thoughts on a film I had just watched because that was the hip thing to do to stay connected. These are all wonderful, light, fun (and sometimes deep) things to share but I just don't have the time in my day for it all and being hip is less important to me now than it ever has been. I had to really marinate in this and figure out where I felt my energy was most needed. Twitter was easier for me to let go of. It always felt presumptuous to me that anyone would want to know so many details about me!!  Some of my friends are so creative with it and I wish I had the Twitter mojo but oh got quite boring on that page.

What solidified this decision for me was the few times I took a break from them.  I noticed I had more energy for my son and was able to put more energy into activities that fed my soul and my family.  That was big.

I feel it is so important to make it clear that this is my story with these forms of social media. We all have our own stories and experiences. Others in my life find Facebook and Twitter more nourishing for their souls, as well as an awesome element to their creative businesses and I celebrate and honor that we are all suited for different things at different times in our life. Rather than wish I could be more creative and useful like my friends in those communities right now, I decided to accept my truth and that is a person that thrives sharing through my blog and in deep personal one on one connections.  It is essential for me to continue to be authentic to what feels nourishing and what doesn't and also to not stretch myself too thin.

Perhaps someday space in my life will open up for these things.  Until then, I will have to connect with loved ones the old fashioned way.  ; ) Now that I will be on the computer less, I hope to teach Cedar to do more of this:

I also wanted to end this with an update about my marmie.  She is doing so much better holding her food down and has put on a few pounds.  Her color is coming back a wee bit.  We are so grateful for all of your wonderful suggestions and will continue to go back to them during this journey to healing she is on.

Also wanted to ask if you could send up some positive prayers and thoughts for two of my nephews that I care for deeply.  They are going through a really rough time right now and our hearts are heavy.  Its a bit too personal to share but I know when it comes to the power of communities gathering to lift up, the details don't matter.  So grateful for your intentions, always.

felt-a-licious ecourse*

My dear friend Em is teaching a yummy ecourse...and there is still time to sign up!! For those of you that are dipping your toes into the world of crafting, like me, this is a wonderful and un-intimidating place to start. And for those who are already bonafide Craft Goddesses, this is a fun way to explore another obsession. ; )  Read more information about it here and here.

Em also makes the most gorgeous camera straps.  Such an awesome Christmas gift!  My camera feels so much more dazzling with it.


cedar is two today*

cedar, two years old

Growing up, Boho Boy and his brother woke up on the morning of their birthday to their parents singing "happy birthday to you..." with their cake and candles lighting up the room. They made their wishes first thing, blew out the candles and the magical day began. They did this every single year.

We wanted to start this same tradition for Cedar's birthday, so this morning he was woken up with a song and a gluten free cupcake and two candles lit. It was awesome to see his wonder.

Another tradition we wanted to continue that we started last year was his birthday fort. Although this year, it lasted about 3 hours before he kept pulling on it and it came crashing down...three different times! Perhaps next year, he'll understand that in order to have a fort, you gotta keep it up. We had a blast while it lasted...all cozy and cuddly...playing and tickling and reading books.

I have a slideshow of the fort the day before...the morning candle song...and the presents he opened from his Omi. We are going to celebrate his birthday again over Thanksgiving. Everyone should have a birthday week!

A few things about Cedar and his terrific two~ness:

  • Even though he can hold his bottle fine, he still only wants mama to feed him...even if its just a few sips after a nap and before sleepy times. That alone is comfort for him
  • He still loves pureed sweet potatoes and carrots with each meal
  • Avocados with a dash of sea salt are his favorite
  • He just discovered popcorn and calls it "hopan"
  • He's really into trains, airplanes, helicopters and school buses
  • He loves to sing in the car when we're driving and for us to join in
  • He wants all adults in the room to share in whatever he is doing, tasting, feeling, seeing.  He invites you in.
  • He is timid with other children in that way
  • He went through a hitting phase, which was heartbreaking and a growing experience for mama...but after gently talking him through each experience, he seems to have moved through it
  • He seems to have a joyous effect on other children
  • People often tell me about the light in his eyes and his pure joy
  • They also still think he is a girl.  Even if he is in a super duper boyish outfit
  • He loves to Skype with Auntie DD.  They play trains and also both fall on top of a bunch of pillows on each of their couches.  He thinks when she is not here, she lives in the laptop.  He often runs up to the laptop and says "Hiiiii Thee Thee!!" he's calling her out to play.  Its both adorable and heart breaking
  • My parents are getting Skype over the holidays so they can have play dates with him too
  • Right now, if I Skype with someone else, he covers his eyes.  He believes only Auntie DD lives there and anything else is too bizarre to handle
  • Mondays he goes through daddy withdrawals
  • Daddy gives him a bath each night and they make bubbles with a bubble maker
  • Cedar now thinks our lights that are in the ceiling are also bubbles because they are bulbous
  • In his mind, the whole world is full of bubbles
  • He loves being naked and always pulls his pants off
  • He believes all of his stuffed animals are real and he has long conversations with them in his crib
  • When he plays with anything that has wheels, he lays on the ground and observes how the wheels move while he pushes it slowly
  • Before he has a meltdown on the ground, he does a little dance.  Its really hard not to laugh
  • He is fascinated with how things work and are put together.  Last time we were at the park he laid on the ground under one of those bouncy horsey rides to see what made it go back and forth.  He laid there observing for a few minutes
  • He has a memory like an elephant and sometimes its almost creepy what he doesn't forget
  • He doesn't miss anything and notices the tiniest treasures from a distance.  Like a spec on the ground lots of feet away
  • He is now a big fan of bamboo clothing (who isn't).
  • He has never sucked his thumb but since birth, he rubs his ears for self soothing to help him sleep or when he is unwell.
  • He has awesome rhythm
  • He is as tall as a three year old
  • He's really witty, this means he might be a clown
  • He is our greatest gift and our most favorite life teacher

Happy Birthday, our dear sweet gnome, wood nymph, faerie boy.