question to my readers & winner*

{me & my flyaway roots, self portrait}

I took this photo for my loved ones with my Palm Pre to document a flirty day at Whole Foods. Let me explain but first may I say I am not happy with the photo quality from my Palm Pre phone? I don't remember which version it is but I think it is one of the first to come out, so I am sure they have improved on it but my photographer heart is longing for the groovy iPhone that most of my peeps have (with the funky phone apps). Must save up for such things.  For now, I will be grateful that I am able to take photos with my phone, period.

Okay, so flirty day at Whole Foods. Its been a long time since I've been flirted with. I don't expect to ever be and I don't need to be and I don't seek it out but when it happens, I suppose I am at the age where one might make a bigger deal out of it than before. You lovelies approaching 40 and older know EXACTLY what I am talking about! I walked into Whole Foods the other day sans Cedar because he was hanging with his daddy. It was the best grocery trip EVER. I got flirted with by the produce man, the meat dude, the deli gal, the body care woman and the boys at the check out. Most of them said something about my hair and all of them made me blush but the ones that made me blush the most were the ladies. They flirt WAY sexier than the boys. I heart women. I just remember sitting in my car in the parking lot after loading up the groceries and smiling to myself. I sat there breathing that feeling in. I felt really sexy and realized that I haven't tapped into that essence in too long. I've been in mommy mode with stained clothes, messy buns, baggy clothes and food on my face. It felt good to slip on a somewhat snug dress and go about the town. When I came home to tell Boho Boy about my flirty day, I noticed he was more affectionate and attentive the remainder of the day.  Then something one of my dear friends said to me came flooding into my mind; "Our partners vibe off of how we feel about ourselves." Man, its so true. So many times I project onto my husband that he doesn't find me as sexy as he used to but truly, it is me that has been neglecting my sexiness. We both project onto one another as lovers/partners all the time. Just something I've been chewing on and offer up for you to chew on.

Note to self:  Wear red dress more often.

Onto the Question for YOU beauties...

Those of you that have read throughout my journey here on my blog are aware that I am definitely into a communal vibe.  I like to include my readers in on some of my posts by asking questions to learn from YOUR wisdom and journeys, as well.  Many have written me and thanked me for helping them to feel part of a community of sorts and for providing a space for them to spill that feels safe.  This has meant so much to me and it is what inspired me to create my e-course in the first place.

My husband and I were talking about my e-course on a drive this past weekend.  He had thought it would be a cool idea to have my blog readers somehow be a part of the course (whether they take the course or not).  So, we brainstormed some ideas.  One idea he had that I LOVED was to put out a call to you lovelies to do a video for me, answering a few questions.

So...I am putting out a call to whomever is interested in spreading some of their juicy wisdom to my e-course students.

The Details:

  • If you're into this idea,  create a video of yourself answering the two questions (or you can choose one):  What do you do to nurture yourself when you are feeling depleted? and What makes you feel like a wanton sexy goddess? It can be you telling a story about something that happened to you or just sharing ideas, tips, tricks that have helped you or just spilling your heart about these topics.
  • Video should be no longer than 10 minutes (that way you can upload it to Youtube if you'd like since 10 min is their limit)
  • Email the video file to me at nectargirlcourse (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Also include in the email a self portrait, a short bio about yourself, as well as your website/blog links.
  • During the e-course,  I will post a video from one of my blog readers on the Nectar Girl e-course private blog once or twice a week (depending on how many videos I have  available in my library).

So, not only would it be another space for you to tell your story and inspire other women but it would also give you an opportunity to promote your blog or creative business in a safe and nurturing venue.

Just as much as you always support me, it is important to me to support you on your journeys.

Okay, onto the WINNER of last week's GIVEaway:

#60...{drum roll}... Brie of Fall Creek Fibers!!! You won a spot in Marianne's awesome 30 Days of Yoga e-course! Brie, Send me an email at denise (at) and I will direct you to Marianne in order to get you signed up for the course.  Congrats my dear.  I took a deep breath and let out an "Ommmmm"...and imagined a white light on the person to be chosen for this course.  Then your number was generated.  Blessings!