soulsigh in the spring*

"My four weeks with them was transcendent. To see the expansion of souls via words, pictures, growth, birth, {re}birth truly touched the soulsigh sisters deeply. I wish I had the magic touch these soul doulas possessed.They bleed creative divine feminine, they oooooze love and tenderness. They encourage gentle, soul bleeding expansion. Reading their words is loving kindness, deep respect, and utter soul seeing. They just see you, and continue to see. They see nothing but beauty and perfect, and they continue to see only light. Light. Love. Peace." Makenna

by denise andrade for  soulsigh—a sacred blessingway

by denise andrade for soulsigh—a sacred blessingway

Loves, I wanted to let you know that Hillary Rain and I have had many sweet requests and inquiries about our Sacred Blessingway eCourse we created together. With Mother's Day approaching we thought it would be a perfect time to offer it again for those who were hoping to experience Soulsigh. Even if Mother's Day is not something you celebrate for yourself we feel that you belong because there is a sweet little girl inside you who needs your tender love and nourishment. This time our course runs April 14-May 12. 

One of our sweet participants, Drucilla, shared this with us following our time together:

"Letting my soul sigh was an all-important and oh-so-pleasurable act of self-care.  and not just one act, but continued enactment, with indulgences that felt as critical to life as water and bread, unfolding week by week as the fae soul and soul doula led us down to the bottom of the garden, through the wildflowers and weeds (to see that they are one), and back to the home to our own secrets and sisters.  Just being with them as they shared so exquisitely of themselves, and gently, lovingly witnessed our whispers to them and each other --  it created such healing, intimate community that I am still basking in, remembering and longing for... they have shown us what all of life should be." —Drucilla, through tears  

about soulsigh—a sacred blessingway

Our course is designed to offer an intimate Blessingway abounding with loving rituals of gentleness, tenderness, wildness, nurture, connection to earth, and adornment to honor our re(birth) and coming h(om)e to ourselves, and to share this journey within a safe cocoon of sisters. We come from a story of not being able to conceive and carry a child (yet) the way our bodies were designed to, and what emerged from our healing and being drawn to one another is honoring our bodies as capable of birthing. Birthing ideas, dreams and even ourselves + souls over and over again as we move throughout life. We then had this epiphany that all women could benefit from such compassion for their souls + bodies, and ritual through the process could be a gentle way to honor it. We would like to gently invite you to join us for this sacred journey together in honor of the mother within you and your creative feminine. It's such a safe and cozy circle and we have so many nurturing prompts and experiences waiting for you. If you would like to see a little behind the scenes to tantalize you, here is a post I wrote last summer sharing the emotional tenderness I felt with my friend who so generously allowed me to photograph her for our course.

Will you circle with us? We'd love to have you. And as a gentle peek to entice you, here is our opening welcome video shown to our beloved moon sisters who walk alongside us.

soulsigh—a sacred blessingway begins april 14