leaning into it*

self portrait wearing a shirt from my friend  Kerrie's  Instagram boutique  Shop Bonjour Moon

self portrait wearing a shirt from my friend Kerrie's Instagram boutique Shop Bonjour Moon

I've been working on a magazine article for a week or so and one of the questions asked of me was...

"What do you do when you feel uninspired?"

The first thing that came to me when I closed my eyes and thought about all the times I felt uninspired, was a vision of myself like the one above.  Me laying back, leaning into it: Leaning into the un-inspiration.  With most things in my life, I try not to force things.  Perhaps to a fault sometimes but allowing things to unfold slowly and organically has worked for me so far.  At least I think it has.  ; ) 

But for those times when I am working on a project or a writing piece or anything creative really, and I get stuck or feel uninspired, I just pause.  I take this time to not fight it but to embrace it and I do what I need to do to quiet my mind and let it go for a bit.  For me this could be going for a walk in nature or watching a film or show, reading, going to a place that carries beauty, touches me and vibrates throughout my being...basically removing myself in some way from what it is I am trying to make happen when its not happenin'.  Feeling uninspired can be scary, especially if it is something that someone is waiting for that is expected of you.  It can cause anxiety and self doubt in many layered ways and if we are not careful, we find ourselves giving up entirely.  

How would it feel for you to say to yourself...

"Lean into it..."

I just believe so whole heartedly that if we lean into it and accept it, that inspiration will return when its ready.  I can remember numerous times I've shared with a friend or alone in a prayer: "I don't feel inspired. At all..." and the conversation somehow led to a place where something, something revealed itself to me and I found my way back.  I can also recall numerous times I just gave myself space and time to do things that filled up my soul and quieted my mind and rested my body and all of that opened up room for ideas to come flooding in.

People are afraid to admit they are not feeling inspired.  Especially creative souls.  Just like anything else, self awareness and acceptance can be so healing, even if what you are aware of and accepting is that you're just not feeling inspired. One bit.

What do YOU do when you feel un-inspired?