oh, hunters moon*


I took this picture while driving through the Chuckanuts.  Its called "Chuckanut Drive" actually but when I heard my friend call it "The Chuckanuts" recently, I just can't stop saying that.  It makes me smile and fills me with warmth.  Try it.  Isn't it fun?

This picture was taken for the sisters that have gathered for our Soulsigh course. An answer to a prompt to take a selfie today and share it with each other.  I was thinking of each of them, carrying the circle with me and then the sun came shining down right through my sun roof, in this moment and it was magical.


Speaking of magical. Tonight is the full moon.  Hunters Moon.  I was sitting with a dear friend yesterday before she gave me a massage (a sweet offering as I've been dealing with neck pain and needed her healing touch) and we discussed this full moon  This friend is from Alaska and has recently moved near me.  She shared with me some thoughts on the Hunters Moon that really moved me.  She shared how much this moon meant to her and how the indigenous peoples of Alaska created beautiful ceremony surrounding this moon.  How the leaves falling from the trees created wide open spaces for those that went out to hunt for food and how the clearing enabled them to see and connect with the animal and have a conversation of respect and honor and permission for their life.  How the hunters would return and there would be a ceremony to honor their life and it was very mindful and spiritual, how the animal's life carried their tribe throughout the winter.

We talked about this energy of the Hunters Moon and how we are the Hunters, the seeking out of what we need for nourishment in our life.  How for each of us, this past month has been one of shedding, peeling, letting go of things in our life that perhaps prevented us from clarity.  How this allows a clearing and we can see more of what is ahead of us, what we are drawing close that fulfills us and its our time to connect to those dreams, invite them in to nourish us, sustain us through this Winter.  I have heard from others that this past month has been much the same for them.  I haven't read much about the Hunters Moon online, so I am sure guides are writing all about this process for this month's full moon.

I have done so much seeking out what brings me life this past year.  I feel as though its becoming more clear: the gifts I have to offer and the places I desire to offer them. I don't at all feel rushed about this process.  I'm allowing and am continuing to allow a slow progression of drawing it near, respecting and honoring my intuition and what is possible for me as a devoted mama and wife with a new home we can finally call ours and all that encompasses for me.   

When I imagine the hunters and their ceremony, I imagine that same mindfulness with what I am gathering near.  How much ceremony is an integral piece of remaining intentional throughout the process.  

Oh, Hunters Moon...I am grateful for this reminder, for this purpose.  I honor you deep.