friendship stories*

my dear friend mary-caitlin braiding my hair. 

my dear friend mary-caitlin braiding my hair. 

I am in the mood to hear some friendship stories.  Will you share your favorite with me?

I am sitting here in a cafe with a knitted hat and fingerless gloves, feeling very cozy with my Breve Vanilla Latte, having listened to four voice memos that my best bosom friend that I've known since Freshman year in High School (about 28 years ago) sent to me today.

We have so many, so many sweet, creative and deeply good memories together and one in particular that I remember was when we were visiting an Uncle of hers.  Her and I were walking down a path laced with plum trees, arm in arm and I started to have an asthma attack from eating one of the plums.  I didn't have an inhaler with me, so she asked me to close my eyes while she walked, here arm gently cupped into mine, as she led me and told me a story to take my mind off of it (and it worked!).  In true Anne of Green Gables style, which is a series that we held very close to our hearts as we felt like Anne & Diana, her story was romantic and with deep meaning and meditative.  I don't know if she realizes how often I think of that walk with her when I am not feeling well.   How in that moment, I realized the true gift of feeling so safe with a friend and how powerful our mind can be when it comes to healing our bodies.  

My friend Amy and I have hundreds of yummy moments like this and its inspired me to ask you, some of yours.  Whether yours is when you were younger or in the present time, I would love to hear of some tenderness between you and a friend that changed your life and comes into your mind often.