a kind stranger*


Earlier today I was walking out of Trader Joes with a cart full of bags on the way to my car.  Two older gentleman were in front of me doing the same and I noticed them stop behind my car and read my bumper sticker (in image above).  They both smiled and nodded their heads and exchanged a few words and continued onto their car parked a few away from mine.  As I opened up the back of my car and loaded all of my groceries, one of those gentleman approached me and said "May I bring your buggy back to the store along with mine?"  Firstly, I was charmed by the fact that he called it a buggy rather than a cart and secondly I was completely taken aback and filled with such gratefulness I could burst. "Of course, that is so incredibly kind of you!"  I said with my hand on my heart and a shy nervous giggle.   But he hurried away, with a warm smile, blushed face, head down and with such humbleness.  I am guessing he was in his late 70's.

I don't think I stopped smiling for an entire hour.  When I slipped into the drivers seat, my eyes filled with tears and I said out loud "Humanity, its good...its still so good."

As I drove away, I really thought about what had just transpired.  The two men were moved by what was on my bumper sticker and rather than just exchange a few words, one of them put what moved them into action.  What may to others seem like a simple gesture, I felt what he bravely did was really profound.  So much so, that I wanted to share it with you.