yummy burlap garland/flags*


My sister Darlene made these yummy burlap flags for me as a Christmas present and when I opened them, my eyes filled with tears.  It was a complete surprise.  We had talked about her making me a garland of crocheted flowers for my living room window but life moved on and we both forgot about it.  At least I thought she had forgotten about it.  When my niece was getting married a few years ago, I had sent my sister a few photos of burlap flaps because I thought that would look gorgeous hanging in their almond orchard where the wedding was going to be.  Their wedding was full of handmade beauty.  My sister ended up making fabric rather than burlap flags to rope off the section in their orchard leading to the ceremony.  My sis must have tucked away the idea that I loved.  So what she ended up doing was combining the burlap with the crocheted rosettes AND antique buttons...all things that I love so very much.  I knew she was busy making my son a pile of gorgeous fae-pants (with fabric from my friend's local shop Texture) but had no idea she was making me something too.

So I held them to my chest with tears going down my cheeks while my whole family witnessed such a very special moment between my sister and I across the room.  Look how perfect they look in my kitchen window!  Sigh.  They are hOMe and I love them deeply.

What I am REALLY excited about is she said she would take custom orders from my blog readers and Instagram followers!  This is VERY rare folks, so if you want a handmade yummy for your home made by my sis, now is your opportunity. ; )  She typically only makes things for family and friends so I am wildly happy about this!  So many of you have emailed me asking if she was selling her stuff. 

Here are the details:

  • Cost: $60

  • Includes: 5 burlap flags, grosgrain ribbon, crocheted rosettes, antique buttons

  • Custom: Colors, ribbon and accessories all can be unique to customers desire

If you are interested, please send me an email at denise@faesoul.com and I will direct you to my sister to begin discussing the design!!