soulsigh in the spring*

"My four weeks with them was transcendent. To see the expansion of souls via words, pictures, growth, birth, {re}birth truly touched the soulsigh sisters deeply. I wish I had the magic touch these soul doulas possessed.They bleed creative divine feminine, they oooooze love and tenderness. They encourage gentle, soul bleeding expansion. Reading their words is loving kindness, deep respect, and utter soul seeing. They just see you, and continue to see. They see nothing but beauty and perfect, and they continue to see only light. Light. Love. Peace." Makenna

by denise andrade for  soulsigh—a sacred blessingway

by denise andrade for soulsigh—a sacred blessingway

Loves, I wanted to let you know that Hillary Rain and I have had many sweet requests and inquiries about our Sacred Blessingway eCourse we created together. With Mother's Day approaching we thought it would be a perfect time to offer it again for those who were hoping to experience Soulsigh. Even if Mother's Day is not something you celebrate for yourself we feel that you belong because there is a sweet little girl inside you who needs your tender love and nourishment. This time our course runs April 14-May 12. 

One of our sweet participants, Drucilla, shared this with us following our time together:

"Letting my soul sigh was an all-important and oh-so-pleasurable act of self-care.  and not just one act, but continued enactment, with indulgences that felt as critical to life as water and bread, unfolding week by week as the fae soul and soul doula led us down to the bottom of the garden, through the wildflowers and weeds (to see that they are one), and back to the home to our own secrets and sisters.  Just being with them as they shared so exquisitely of themselves, and gently, lovingly witnessed our whispers to them and each other --  it created such healing, intimate community that I am still basking in, remembering and longing for... they have shown us what all of life should be." —Drucilla, through tears  

about soulsigh—a sacred blessingway

Our course is designed to offer an intimate Blessingway abounding with loving rituals of gentleness, tenderness, wildness, nurture, connection to earth, and adornment to honor our re(birth) and coming h(om)e to ourselves, and to share this journey within a safe cocoon of sisters. We come from a story of not being able to conceive and carry a child (yet) the way our bodies were designed to, and what emerged from our healing and being drawn to one another is honoring our bodies as capable of birthing. Birthing ideas, dreams and even ourselves + souls over and over again as we move throughout life. We then had this epiphany that all women could benefit from such compassion for their souls + bodies, and ritual through the process could be a gentle way to honor it. We would like to gently invite you to join us for this sacred journey together in honor of the mother within you and your creative feminine. It's such a safe and cozy circle and we have so many nurturing prompts and experiences waiting for you. If you would like to see a little behind the scenes to tantalize you, here is a post I wrote last summer sharing the emotional tenderness I felt with my friend who so generously allowed me to photograph her for our course.

Will you circle with us? We'd love to have you. And as a gentle peek to entice you, here is our opening welcome video shown to our beloved moon sisters who walk alongside us.

soulsigh—a sacred blessingway begins april 14

cedar's groovy world.

I recorded these over the last few days. Pieces of the way Cedar loves to express himself creatively.

The last two videos were recorded with my the quality is poor but you get the idea. You can hear him singing during or in between strumming and that makes my heart burst wide open. Can you feel his soul in this? I do every. time.

Another thing he is doing is playing with the singing bowl we have. He tries to sing in tune with the chimes.

These little bits of expression we get to experience every day in our home. I wanted to share it with you. So, you get to see how Boho Baby is becoming his own person. So fun.

finally...another vloggie.

So, I babble a bit but it was fun. Still trying to get used to where to look on the camera. It appears I am more comfy looking at the black screen than at the wee camera at the top of my iBook. Its hilarious.

Here are some of the links to things I mention in my vlog:

Amanda Soule
& her blog SouleMama.
Amanda's books Handmade Home & The Creative Family.
My friend Stacy de la Rosa.

If any of you lovelies know of some Do-it-Yourself blogs and creative crafty projects for the home and family blogs, do leave them in a comment or send an email. Also some beginners sewing books would be awesome. This is a new venture for me that I am giddy a kid in a candy shop or a fashionista in Anthropologie. ; )

I am excited to put my energies into nourishing things for my soul during this interesting shift I am feeling with the internet world.

What if someday I can make pretty skirts and dresses and pants and tops for me, my family and friends and YOU? Oh I love to dream.

Love youz.

ps. what's up with me itching my palms in this vlog? is that a nervous thing? and do you notice when you itch your palms, the itch gets worse? so not satisfying! ; )

{i should also mention that my dear friend em is a super crafty artsy sexy mama. of course i read her blog but i so love that she was suggested already. she is a luminous star in that world, yet so humble about it in a refreshing way. so inspiring. love her to bits.}

boho baby's first steps.

Something very special happened today in the Boho home and I actually managed to get it on my Flip camera. Cedar has been all about pulling himself up and standing and squealing with delight but he has yet to take steps without the help of mommy and daddy. This was his first time doing it solo...with the help of Pinky the Snail...something we found on clearance after Christmas. I know he's a boy and this is pink but we've never been caught up in gender specific colors or toys for him. Anyways, here he is...taking his first few steps without us holding him up.

He's so excited and stunned all at once! We've never pressured him to crawl or walk. He was always happy to just sit there with his books and flip for hours. A few folks have told us he was a late crawler (started at 11 months) and they now seem a wee surprised that a baby his size and age is not yet walking. Then there are the gentle, open minded ones that tell me every child has their own pace and that it is clear he's a smarty and not to be concerned. So I have chosen to not be concerned and just follow his lead. His brains and soul have always blown our mind. So, it has been so amazing to see his physical movement over the past few months. It seems to be happening so quickly and our baby that was so keen on sitting and reading is now climbing and standing and almost walking and has endless amounts of energy and a daring sense of adventure.

Wanted to share today with you. Its just a snippet but a peek into our world, nonetheless.

boho master cleanse ~ day five

You will be able to see in this video that my spirits have lifted so much. A lot of that has to do with all of you that were brave enough to spill about your own journeys regarding the desire to nurture your creative self when there are other commitments you also want/need to be present for. I feel so honored that you feel safe in this space to move through your own emotions. They teach me. They nurture me. They guide me. I am sitting in a soft, grateful space today because of you.

My hubs and I had a good chat about opening up more space for me to create. Meaning, we are going to schedule in evenings that I go out to a coffee shop or hide upstairs in our studio with ear phones and work a few hours per night (or at least every other night). The only reason why this "me" time has faded was because his work load became greater (he works a full time job during the day and a full time job owning his own database design firm at night and he also helps a few other peeps with computer stuffs). We are working as a team to figure out how he can lessen his load so that he can spend more time with us, as well as, nurture his own creative path (which is writing his novel) and how I can have space to finish my projects and connect to that passionate artist within me.

I love you Master Cleanse! If we weren't doing this it might have taken longer for us to carve out time to open up and work through it. We have been consuming our family moments with eating dinner and then perhaps watching a film later in the evening. Now that we're just sipping lemonade all day there is ample time to work on the inner hurts, the inner passions and questions and desires in our hearts that a pizza or big plate of pasta has been replacing. ; )

We don't have all the answers yet but the fact that we feel more mindful and more aware feels very harmonious with the shifts we want to create in our life going forward after this cleanse.

Meeting Cedar's needs is of course our first and most important priority, so we are taking one day at a time with these new intentions and Cedar's happiness will be our guide. We've been waiting for Cedar for so long and we are in a space of not taking this time for granted.

Took this photo of him today. Oh how his sweet gentle spirit makes me swoon:


Thank you for all of your love and I am blown away by how many of you are starting your own cleanse. Do use this space to spill your journeys. Its wonderful to hear your perspectives on not eating food for a week (or more).

Off to sip some more Lemonade and oh yes...limes are a fun switch up. I will do limes twice a day to make it more exciting! And the slushy bowls at night are a huge hit around here.

{Forgot to mention in the vlog that my tongue is definitely coated with the white icky stuff which tells me I am deep in the trenches of detox!}

{{cedar engraved heart necklace i am wearing in the vlog is designed by stacy of bella wish!}}

boho master cleanse ~ day two

In my vlog I share about how I felt yesterday, last night and today. I have many of the same physical feelings as I did the first time I did it, which I posted in April 2007 on my old blog (scroll down to bottom of page).

I also wanted to share some photos I took of Cedar a few days ago. He is such a light in our life and is our major motivator for being more healthy and is why we are doing this in the first place.





boho master cleanse ~ day one

Boho Boy and I are on the first day of the master cleanse today. We have been mentally, emotionally and soulfully preparing for this day for a while. This is our third time doing it.

The first time was with an intention to detox our bodies and open up a healthy space to conceive a child. Our second time we wanted to detox but our motivation was more to lose weight and you can understand that with this, we didn't last very long. This time, we are in a clear and more enlightened head space about it all.

We want to get back to a place of being in touch with our bodies. That space of being conscious of what we put in. For a long while now we've been feeling out of touch and craving not so very nurturing foods for our bodies and souls. In fact, all I want these days is pizza and pasta. I don't really crave vegetables or raw foods the way I used to. I feel it in my sluggishness. In my mood swings. In my not so glowy skin and under eye bags. I feel it in my heart.

We have tried other cleanses but it is this one that we felt worked the best for us. In the future we will experiment with different ones again. This is something we are comfortable with having done it before.

I am going to try to document a little bit each day on a vlog. It is you who will be holding me accountable now (gently) and this is the very reason why I am sharing it with you. I need life coaches and support over this!

The first time when we made it through the 10 days, I became really ill with mucus in my chest. It was all part of the detoxing but it really put me in bed. I can't afford that to happen this time around, so I am crossing my fingers and toes that the detoxing process this time around will be more gentle. Cedar needs me!

He also needs a healthy momma. I am so ready to rid myself of the icky toxins down deep. I know with all of this comes other emotional upheaval. I remember that from before. So I can imagine I will be sharing those parts too.

{clinking my glass of water, lemonade, maple syrup, and cayenne...YUM}

Daily Routine/Recipes:

Morning Salt Water Flush: 4 cups of warm distilled water with 2 tsp of Sea Salt

Six to Twelve 10 oz glasses per day of:
2 Tbs fresh squeeze organic lemon juice
2 Tbs organic grade B maple syrup
1/10 tsp cayenne pepper

All the water you want/need
All the herbal tea (decaf) you'd like

1 cup herbal laxative tea before bedtime

Goal: 10 days!