boho baby's first steps.

Something very special happened today in the Boho home and I actually managed to get it on my Flip camera. Cedar has been all about pulling himself up and standing and squealing with delight but he has yet to take steps without the help of mommy and daddy. This was his first time doing it solo...with the help of Pinky the Snail...something we found on clearance after Christmas. I know he's a boy and this is pink but we've never been caught up in gender specific colors or toys for him. Anyways, here he is...taking his first few steps without us holding him up.

He's so excited and stunned all at once! We've never pressured him to crawl or walk. He was always happy to just sit there with his books and flip for hours. A few folks have told us he was a late crawler (started at 11 months) and they now seem a wee surprised that a baby his size and age is not yet walking. Then there are the gentle, open minded ones that tell me every child has their own pace and that it is clear he's a smarty and not to be concerned. So I have chosen to not be concerned and just follow his lead. His brains and soul have always blown our mind. So, it has been so amazing to see his physical movement over the past few months. It seems to be happening so quickly and our baby that was so keen on sitting and reading is now climbing and standing and almost walking and has endless amounts of energy and a daring sense of adventure.

Wanted to share today with you. Its just a snippet but a peek into our world, nonetheless.