magical moments.

cedar's sage.
cedar, me and a bundle of sage, taken by jessamyn turgesen

Jess sent me this photo (above) last night. I was so grateful that she captured this moment. There were a few really magical moments and one of them had to do with this bundle of sage.

Jess and I were walking down Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach. Folks were beginning to set up for Farmers Market. One sweet hippie dude was setting out all of his gorgeous big and small bundles of sage. When we walked by his table, one of them fell on my foot. He grabbed it, looked up at me and said "I want you to have this. It is supposed to be yours." My heart swooned and I felt protected. Jess and I looked at one another and sighed, without words...but just in knowing.

We went into a cafe to get water and go to the restroom. There were these ladies standing there staring at us. One of them approached me asking if she could take a photo of me. She went on to explain they are producers on a crime show that has been shot here in Ocean Beach. One of the characters was a psychic and they are trying to figure out her wardrobe. They thought what I was wearing was hippie and psychic enough, I suppose. We totally laughed but I let them do it because well, it was fun and magical and doesn't happen every day.

Ocean Beach can attract some characters. Many homeless hang out there. Many come with their instruments to play. Some stand on a corner to speak what is in their hearts. To some it may seem like an unsafe place but walking around that day, Jess and I felt at home. We walked by three people sitting on the ground. A few were playing their guitars. One was weaving a bracelet out of ribbon. All of them had dreadlocks and one of them had flowers all over her dreads. They said hello to us and said..."hey, make sure you guys move your car, otherwise you'll get towed for the farmers market." I told them we had already moved our car and thanked them for looking out for us. To me that was so kind. Sweet that they remembered us parking further down the street in the market zone. An hour earlier, they were all sitting in front of a store that Jess, Cedar and I went into. Playing their music. I saw them but didn't think they saw us. But they did and they found us again closer to the water and cared enough to make sure we were safe from stress. They could have let us walk by. Minutes later, Jess took the photo above. The smile on my face was that of peace. Just a knowing that we are cared for. We are wrapped up even in the dirtiest, most grungy places. There is love. One love.

Here are a few more photos Jess took on the beach. The one of me and the sun flare was when I was helping Cedar walk in the sand. He loved it. Loved it so much he plopped down and licked it off of his hands clean.

I loved how my dreads felt in the salty sandy air. I think dreads belong in nature, always...I have learned this.

dreads in the sun.

sandy toes.

me at ocean beach