the pannikin cafe.

the pannikin cafe.
cedar and his bottle latte, taken with phone

Yesterday late afternoon we took a drive in the rain about 30 minutes north of us to the Pannikin Coffee & Tea House. Its a precious yellow and white trimmed railroad station built in 1888 and was transformed into a cafe in 1968. There is such a cool vibe there. Really relaxed and open and inspiring. Customers and Barista's are so kind to little ones. There is a darling store inside (you can see it in this photo behind Cedar) with lovely mugs and tea cups and jars, frames, books, European candies and a plethora of mouth watering loose teas to choose from. There is always art from local artists hung up on the wall. They switch it out often. Spreading the love. The stairways and floor and railings are thick, old and weathered wood.

This place attracts warm hearts. Many approached us yesterday, talking with Cedar and offering him smiles. The Pannikin is very dear to us. Special things just seem to happen here. I have met up with some blog friends for the first time in this place. I have gone alone and written in my journal for hours about my fertility journey, as the sea winds whistled through the open doors and windows. I ate a delicious salad on the porch with my marmie here. I remember lots of giggling with her. There is one memory that really draws us back to this place. Boho Boy and I were sitting on the very bench against the front window you see in the photo above. It was a lazy weekend day. Late morning. We were just finishing up our breakfast when we received a call from his mother that his father had just passed away. In shock, we walked out to the car and I held Boho Boy for a while. We then walked down to Swami's Beach and sat up against a wooden stairway down in the sand. We told stories about his father. We laughed and we cried and we felt his presence with us the whole day. Since then, we gravitate towards that bench. I think we both subconsciously feel him with us. Like he is waiting there with his journal and a cigar and his stories. Oh those adventurous stories about his life.

Yesterday, when we were there, Boho Boy found a Canadian coin on the bench. We've wondered what kind of sign this was and if it was from his father and what he may have been trying to tell us. We've had fun with it.

What do you think it means?

Edited to add:: CONGRATS CANADA!!! This photo was taken seconds after the Canadian Olympic Hockey team won their gold. Such a fun game! Woohoo! Seeing Boho Boy so happy fills me up...

congrats canada!!
{boho baby & boho boy, taken with phone}

oh canada!
my darling mcscruffy...celebrating.

future canadian.
oh canada!