finally...another vloggie.

So, I babble a bit but it was fun. Still trying to get used to where to look on the camera. It appears I am more comfy looking at the black screen than at the wee camera at the top of my iBook. Its hilarious.

Here are some of the links to things I mention in my vlog:

Amanda Soule
& her blog SouleMama.
Amanda's books Handmade Home & The Creative Family.
My friend Stacy de la Rosa.

If any of you lovelies know of some Do-it-Yourself blogs and creative crafty projects for the home and family blogs, do leave them in a comment or send an email. Also some beginners sewing books would be awesome. This is a new venture for me that I am giddy a kid in a candy shop or a fashionista in Anthropologie. ; )

I am excited to put my energies into nourishing things for my soul during this interesting shift I am feeling with the internet world.

What if someday I can make pretty skirts and dresses and pants and tops for me, my family and friends and YOU? Oh I love to dream.

Love youz.

ps. what's up with me itching my palms in this vlog? is that a nervous thing? and do you notice when you itch your palms, the itch gets worse? so not satisfying! ; )

{i should also mention that my dear friend em is a super crafty artsy sexy mama. of course i read her blog but i so love that she was suggested already. she is a luminous star in that world, yet so humble about it in a refreshing way. so inspiring. love her to bits.}