heart work*


I tenderly laid her into the claw foot tub full of wam water, heard her exhale, trailed my palm down her arm, her hip, her thigh and like a soft wind, carried the trim of her dress up with my fingertips, swaying back and forth, back and forth in the water until her skin was revealed just so.   Flowers and petals rained over her, the womb of water cradled her.  Sensual. Wild. Womb. Woman.


I gently asked them to twirl with fabric beneath the trees, bare feet on dewey grass, swaying their hips in unison, summoning their feminine divine to dance free with abandon.  Release. Playfulness. Freedom.


Its been so long, too long since I witnessed women like this behind the lens of my BC (big camera).  I had a few sessions planned for the creation of our Blessingway ecourse.   I wanted to gift my models with the love and ritual we will be offering in our course. It was such a spiritual experience for me, to stand witness to the birthing of their hearts, their bodies, their souls in those moments and I felt an ache to set down my camera and dance, to swim with them.

As I drifted from image to image after the sessions, I was in tears. Something is stirring within my soul that brings me to my knees; An overwhelming vibration, a pull, a gravity, a pouring of emotion, an unveiling of sorts.

I shared some images with my creative partner and her words spoke deeply to me...

 "Let this truth fill you and expand you. This is your heart work"

Heart work.  Yes.  Truth.  Yes.  These moments are never to be forced but to organically move through us at just the right time.  Born from our own journeys of blood, sweat, tears and surrender are they able to be seen and felt, received and released out from our protection and into the world of I dare you.


I have no more words for it yet, really...but they will come.  I know its a movement happening within me, a birthing of my creative feminine and I feel awed and humbled that this is taking place right before our Blessingway.  A place I can go to honor this process, just as I invite others to honor theirs.  Side by side I will be with those that join us, birthing, celebrating, honoring, witnessing and being witnessed.