what we've been up to...

The other day we had a bit of a rough day at the park. Cedar was being teased by some boys for feeding a rocking Sea Horse his water from a sippy cup and a bite of his snack. Then again he was mocked for being animated. My heart broke as his body melted into me in tears when he figured out what they were doing. I worried if moments like this would crush his sweet spirit. Cedar and I had a heart to heart about it. I looked him in the eyes and told him that I understand him and that he is so loved just as he is.  Again, I wondered if at two years old, he really grasped the message I was sending to him. Then we were about to leave and the boys that were teasing him were standing up at a bench, eating dried cranberries in a bowl. Cedar went up to see what they were doing and he laid his head on the shoulder of the boy that purposely laughed in his face a half our prior. I choked back tears. He lays his head on his stuffed animals and people when we say "give it/them love". He was giving this boy love. I know many would say to me right now "but he's two years old...you're thinking too deep. he was just being cute." But in my heart I feel that Cedar must know somewhere down deep that when people intentionally hurt others, it is because they are hurting inside...and that boy needed love.

Here is a glimpse of our days together which have opened up to a bigger world now that I have been on the internet less. I am soaking this time in as I know life will become fuller soon.

{most are taken with my palm-pre phone!}

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