texture clothing*

both boho boy is wearing knit mitts in swamp & black and i am wearing them in chocolate & pumpkin spice.  i am also wearing the comfy skirt in the color swamp and the posh pants in black

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When we were getting ready for our trip to Bellingham, we had heard from a few friends that a must do while there is to visit Texture Clothing downtown.  My friend Marybeth lives in and loves her yummy red Posh Pants and when she modeled them for me one day on a video she made for us, I made sure to save up for my own pair.  I loved how they fell on her bod!

So, during our trip, I walked into the darling store and immediately fell in love with the gorgeous fabrics and colors, the earthy vibe and easy going energy.  This really stunning woman walked up to me to say hello and welcome me to the store.  I remember feeling shy because she was so gorgeous and sparkly with a red flower stuck inside one of her two messy buns.  She asked me about my dreadlocks and where I got them done and then we just started chatting like two girlies about hair and clothes and I let her know we were moving there soon.  It was then that I found out her name was Teresa and she was the Proprietress of Texture Clothing and I think I blushed.  I told her that my friend who lives there, Marybeth crushes out on her clothes and she said "I remember Marybeth".  Wow...wow, I thought...so amazingly cool to feel such a small town vibe in that moment.  It was obvious to me in this conversation that Teresa cares deeply about her customers, the environment and giving back to her community.

Over the last few months her and I have exchanged emails, so excited to meet for tea when we will officially be neighbors.  I am honored to collaborate with her on my blog to get the word out about her delicious, eco-conscious and comfy duds.   My posh pants are an almost daily item on my bod and I am loving how fun the comfy skirt looks and feels layered over them.  What I love most about her styles is they are very flattering for women with curves...yay!!!

Teresa sent Boho Boy and I a pair of knit mitts and I was wondering how he would feel about them.  He is not a glove person and is sensitive about fabric held tight to his skin.  When he slipped these soft and warm babies on, he actually said "Mmmm..." (no joke) and is now a convert!  Thank you, Teresa!  ; )  I want a pair in every shade...and they come in such a beautiful array of color combos and would make such an awesome gift.

I can't say enough about this company but I will let them do it for you:

Introducing the farm fresh, always stylish, eminently approachable, intriguing feel of texture. Welcome to the look of understated hip, with a contemporary flair and old world integrity. Delightfully different, texture combines fabulous fabrics and dynamic, clean design to create simple, functional clothing with spice.

Orchestrated by Teresa Remple and born of a desire to craft clothing with soul, texture creates clothing looking for people who don't rely on their label to introduce them. Enter texture stage left. Think gypsy vibe and travel savvy with the ease of real world living built in. Distinctly different women - no vanilla: apply within.

Teresa Remple is the naturally caffeinated instigator and inspiration for texture clothing. A seventeen year veteran of the summer festival scene, Teresa embodies a compassionate, earth first vision for the under appreciated, and misunderstood HEMP fabric. A Fashion Arts graduate with a passion for textiles that makes her special, she's all about working hard and living lean.

Texture is a boutique without the pretense ~ hard wearing, high fashion ~ figure flattering cuts ~ street legal HEMP product ~ not the coffee sack fashion typical of HEMP clothing ~ lovingly made, deftly stitched, beautifully patterned in the Pacific NW ~ clothing with a conscience.