scenes from last night*

Last night was magical.  We played in a wee Christmas Village.  Cedar was blissed.

Christmas this year will feel different for my side of the family...for many reasons. One of them being that we are staying home this year. Boho Boy's mother and Boho Brother are joining us and we are venturing to a beach house not far from here. We'll be just like that song Tennessee Christmas that Amy Grant sings on her Christmas Album about going to Southern California and coming home with a tan for the holidays. ; ) Well, not really as the forecast is rain...but at least a few steps away from our front door there will be ocean, sand and palm trees.

I have lots planned for the five of us and the 8 days we are gone. I packed a craft bag tonight and I imagine some creative goodies laid out on the table with music and a fire burning in the fireplace, hot cider, paint, pens, paper, cardboard and string. This will be after we spend the day finding treasures to add to our project. I am hoping we have internet, so I can post the photos but if not, you will see them when we return.

I will miss my family achingly so. There has been some heavy emotional terrain each of us have walked through individually and as a family, so the tenderness in all of that leaves me feeling melancholy. I think it is one of the reasons Boho Boy wanted to get away and do something new and fresh. To lighten things up and to create new memories with his family. I look forward to being surrounded by new energies and stories and bonding through it all.

I hope to post again but if the internet is not working there, then I guess that is one more reason to be present, right? I am sending each of you warm hugs, silent holy nights, swirly white lights and a peace within.