my boys*

boho boy & boho baby, canon 50d

I'm feeling really romantic inside these days. Perhaps the fact that I am getting more sleep per night has opened up those reserves which hold parts of me that get lost in love, romance and intimacy.

My parents are here to visit (stories to come) and the other night we were all cuddled up watching a film together. In the dimly lit room, I looked over to my left and snuggled up next to me was boho boy and baby. I watched the two of my boys interact and how Boho Boy lovingly looked into our son's eyes. I felt a surge of absolute giddy romantic love for my husband. How beautiful he was to me. How perfect he was for me. How long we had waited to create a family together and to share our love with another little human being. And here it all was snuggled near me. I gently grabbed his face and said "I love you" and he said "I love you too" and the kiss we shared was pretty steamy (I am sure my parents pretended not to see).

You know, you rarely imagine yourself in a romantic steamy kiss with your husband when your baby is around but it was actually such a sweet, tender moment. I looked down at Cedar and he was wide eyed and smiley and blissed out. I felt that he fully got how important that moment was for me. How crucial it is for me to remain connected to that romantic girl wishing for romantic moments with her husband. I've felt disconnected from that part of me lately but it is resurfacing and the fact that we have a child brings it to another level that we can explore together.

I so love my boys. I love the way they look at me. I love how it's all in their eyes.

I'd also love to hear how you all brought romance back into your lives post baby... ; )