the bohos, photo by tara whitney

I have been having this conversation with a few of my friends lately and now I want to include you in some research I am doing.

Post baby (whether naturally or from adoption), how long did it take for you and your partner to get intimate? Hit the sheets? Tumble in the cotton? Have s.e.x.? ; )

I imagine a lot of couples have to reinvent their romance in the midst of caring for a new baby and finding their footing not only as parents but as a couple aside from it all. I've loved hearing my friends stories, not only because I found them intriguing and all so different but because it was healing for them to talk about it.

I think it is a topic a lot of people are afraid to talk about for fear of them feeling worried or ashamed or afraid that what they're experiencing is not "normal" so to speak. I think people would be surprised that most couples struggle with this. Not all...but most.

It isn't me who wants to know. It is the friend of my cousin's brother in law's aunt's sister that I am doing the research for. Seriously. I mean it. ; )

I fully expect there to be many "anonymous" commenters out of respect for sacredness and privacy. In all honesty, I almost feel more comfortable if you commented anonymously! I don't want to get anyone in trouble!!

Disclaimer: I think my husband is extremely hot and sexy and I feel butterflies just thinking about him. I will not share our story only because family and coworkers of his read this. Need I say more?