{please put speakers on to hear song: Common Threads by Bobby McFerrin}

A few days ago, I felt inspired to film parts of my day with Cedar. It starts from the adorable happy faces he makes when waking up in his crib each morning until late afternoon arriving home from the beach, tired and ready for a nap.

It was fun putting this together to share with family and friends what an average day is like here at the Boho home while daddy is at work. We do a lot more things...but I just couldn't fit it all in. This is why when the sun goes down, I am so totally exhausted but oh so fulfilled.

Speaking of filming one's day...my dear kindred friend, Jen Gray has inspired a plethora of bloggers with her gorgeous films. I've always loved how she brings us along on her trips, adds music and texture and soul and shares it with each of us so that we can get a glimpse of the magic she exudes when hanging with her for a day.

I've been meditating on the idea of providing a photo/film session for my artist clients. A film that they could post on their website or blog showing them being photographed by me, interviewed and also bits of them doing whatever art they bring into our world (painting, writing, music, dancing, singing, etc.). The one person I saw myself working with is Jen Gray. Mainly because we have very similar hearts and both have a way of drawing out people's authentic selves. I also love the groovy way she puts films together. Sort of a magical, ethereal, soft, romantic feel. Similar to how I try to capture people with my lens. Jen and I have never done a project together and we thought it would be cool to see what combining our talent and passion could unfold to be.

So far, we have some gigs at Squam Art Workshops in the Fall. She will be filming a few of the photo sessions I am doing out there. If other artists that read this are interested in being photographed and filmed for their websites, let us know. It would require one or both of us being flown out to your area (depending where you are). I live in California and she lives in Illinois. What fun would that be! Contact us if you are interested and we can discuss packages/rates.