sparky + bear

cedar & bella, canon 50d

I have some beautiful thoughts to share about my time last week with Stacy Anne and her daughter Bella in my home. I've been waiting for that perfect moment. You know...time alone, lights dim, candles lit, warm tea nearby. Sometimes in order to spill fluidly and true I need to set aside a romantic self date with those elements. But this just isn't happening. Cedar is beginning to teeth and oh the end of the day I am tired to the bone. Homeopathic teething tablets, teething potions, ice and wash cloths, momma's arm, massaging his gums, whatever it takes but the poor sweet guy has been out of sorts.

So until I get that romantic time to write, I did want to leave you with a teaser; These darling shots of our miracle babies. Miracles meaning, Stacy and I shared a roller coaster journey to our children. It brought her and I together. At times we saved one another. So, to see our children hanging as buds was pretty surreal. So many times we'd stop and look at one another and say "our babies are here!". Sometimes teary, sometimes giggling, sometimes silence and awe.

Boho Boy has nicknamed Cedar "Sparky". No idea where it came from but looking at these photos, it totally fits. Bella's nickname from Stacy and Jimmy is "Boo Bear". Hence...the title of this post. ; )

Aren't they just the cutest together? I love how in the second photo, Cedar is checking out her cute dimply bootie. That's our boy.