why i heart text messaging...

Since Boho Boy's family lives in Canada and my family is in Northern California (which you'd think wouldn't feel far except that it is a 10 hour drive from here to San Francisco), one of the ways we stay connected is through text/picture messaging. We share kisses back and forth, images of our adventures and lots of mushy love.

I resisted texting for so long because all I saw were people walking around town with their heads down, typing away with their thumbs and not quite aware of what was going on around them. I didn't want to feel disconnected by my surroundings while connecting with others miles away. So, I found a way to do both. Now you see me walking around and holding my phone up, taking a photo of what I see and sending it off to my family and close friends.

I wanted to share a few picture messages I received and sent on my phone Thursday and Friday. Seriously, we do this every day...sometimes all day long::

my niece Angela sent this to me Thursday morning while walking
to work in San Francisco. blessing me with the sunrise in the city.
she knows how much this means to me because i once took
this walk in the same city to work. how i miss it so.

Angela then sent me, Boho Boy and Cedar kisses while at work.
i love how she is so boho-chic at the office. yum.

I sent her a kiss back while running errands with my boys. i no longer
sit in the passenger seat up front. cedar gets too lonely and loves his
mommy holding his chubby fingers during the drive.

This is Cedar sitting beside me in the car...wanted my family to
feel as if they were with us.
I always send them a photo of him in the car!

my sister Darlene sent us kisses and an "I love You"...even
though she was cuddled up on the couch not feeling well.
her bad
Lupus days break my heart and i wish i could take care of her.

me sending them kisses back. its all about kisses in my family. ; )
kisses and bum squeezes.

me showing them that Boho Boy was giving Cedar a geography lesson.
not sure if all of you know this but he used to teach Kindergarten and then 5th grade for years. how grateful am i that he knows how to teach children so well?

Another thing Angela and I do is send photos of our outfits back and forth...mostly what we are wearing for the day. Her and I share the same style and most of our responses to these picture messages are..."Oh, I am so jealous, I want that outfit!"

me sending this to angela, showing her my new anthro dress

Angela sends this back to me...{love it!}

love that she gets her friends/boyfriend to help. ; )