unspoken moments*

cedar & me at the park today
cedar and me, taken with phone

Cedar and I do this quite often throughout the day. Explore one another's faces. No talking. Just gazing, caressing and soul searching. It is so very intimate and bonding.

I wish we could all do this as adults more. Sit in silence together more often. Gaze at one another without feeling awkward or uncomfortable or too vulnerable. There is so much to be said in silence, in quiet...when it is easy to hear the birds, the wind, your breath...nature happening around you...together.

I remember last year at Squam, this beautiful person who had been reading my blog but we had yet to meet, approached me. She put a hand on each one of my shoulders and took in a deep breath, gazing into my eyes. Her savoring this moment was so unspoken and all I could do was tear up and allow myself to soak it in along with her. Words were unnecessary. I'll never forget that because I realized I didn't put up a guard of protection around my heart and start rambling nervously.

Why do we protect ourselves from moments like this?