Some magic and soul for you...from my delicious sister friend lover woman that I miss and get to snuggleupagainst soon.

Jonatha is the only close person in my life that has met Cedar's birth parents. It truly bonded JB and I in a way that words cannot describe. It was a doorway into our lives that otherwise K and T wouldn't have known. It was a comfort. It was a beautiful and significant piece of our home that felt good and safe to share with K and T. Just that at least one person in our life experienced the rare and beautiful connection we shared as adoptive/birth parents to Cedar leaves a sweet imprint within our story.

When Jonatha hugged K and T for the first time, it was emotional and beautiful and surreal for us all. It was so wonderful to be be able to snuggle up with Jonatha in the hotel later that evening and talk to her about our excitement, our fears and the absolute wildness of it all. I will forever be grateful for her support during a time that felt wobbly and new and heart soaked.

We love you over here, JB. I have a feeling Cedar will grow up learning to write songs because of you. He is so drawn to the sound of a guitar...and your voice along with it.