em...the australian goddess*

em falconbridge & girls

em falconbridge & girls

em falconbridge & ivy
em, ivy and yindi in my home, canon 50d

Em is a beautiful soul that I wanted to share with you. Her and I met about a year ago when I photographed her and her best friend Tara. It was a gift from Tara and in the end, ended up being a gift for me as well. To be in the presence of their connection to one another and to dance around all day with two lovely heart-soaked women was such a treat. I left changed and inspired by my own friendships and lifted up as a woman receiving love and acceptance that felt so easy. Since then, I have formed a sweet connection with each of them.

I am saddened that Em is heading back home to Australia to live...but am hopeful her darling bohemian family will return someday. Regardless, most of my friendships are long distance and I have become accustom to remaining close in creative ways.

Em is 6 months pregnant and I wanted to document the shift in their family. Yindi is now a walking toddler and Ivy is such a radiant big sister and they are both reveling in the idea of having a newborn sibling soon. They practiced well on Cedar. As soon as they arrived, both girls practically tackled him on the bed up in the loft. He laid back and soaked it all in. Forehead to forehead with Ivy and putting his wet slobbery hands all over her face. She was so patient and gentle with him. Yindi just wanted to explore our home. ; ) I loved observing her knowing in a few years my own little one will be walking around our place creating his own adventures.

A few minutes before they left my home, the drums were picked up and beautiful Em danced in the middle of her sweet girls. Holding her belly, welcoming the new soul into their lives with rhythm and beat. What a stellar moment to witness and capture.

A few more images of them here.

{For years I have explored the idea of getting dreadlocks. Em's dreads totally confirm that heartwish. I just wonder if I can ever get to Thailand, like she did...to have them crocheted so beautifully...*sigh*}