blessing for em*

em falconbridge
the gorgeous em, canon 50d

all the girlies; tara, morgs, maren, em, me, amy, lisa photo by tara

tara lighting candles, canon 50d

the blessing space, canon 50d

em, canon 50d

em & her precious swelling belly & dreamy dreads, canon 50d

em, 7 months pregnant, canon 50d

Em's BFF Tara organized the most romantic gathering of fem souls to bless Em on her journey to her third earth child, as well as her journey back home to Australia. I have known (and photographed) both Em and Tara but I had yet to meet a few of Em's soulful tribe of women she has grown to know and love during her time here in California.

The evening began for me with the drive North to the beach. It was a 1.5 hour drive and was so very precious and healing for me. It was my time to reconnect to the gypsy part of me that used to love long trips alone; windows rolled down, music blaring, heart soaring, hair blowing. The stereo in my car was stolen a bit ago but I didn't let that stop me. I placed a cute little boomie box on the passenger seat and popped in an Emiliana Torrini CD. Her voice is absolutely perfect for a coastal drive nearing sunset...Especially her song Sunny Road, which I played over and over.

There had been a last minute switcharoo as far as the location due to crowds and both Tara and Em phoned with apologies because I had to turn around and drive back another half hour or so. To both of them I giggled and said..."Are you kidding? You have no idea how much I need this time in my car alone. This is a GIFT. Weeeee!" I could have kept driving for a few more hours.

Once thing I noticed that has shifted during my delightful zone while driving is that for years I used to spend that time dreaming of things I wanted to come to fruition in my life. Sometimes they were practical dreams and sometimes they were playing a guitar and singing to thousands. But this time, I wasn't thinking of things I wanted to happen. I was thinking about things that already were. To Emilianna's voice, I was envisioning my son and his darling ways, our sweet little family and how we are together, how much I adore my work, my tribe of dynamic, loving, juicy, creative girlfriends, my parents and sisters. It was a time of feeling really present, really grateful and so empowered.

I am wondering if part of that was because I was on my way to bless a woman in my life that embodies those qualities...being present, grateful, empowered (and so much more).

What a beautiful evening it was. Tara and I arrived early and set up and one by one, these lovely women danced onto the scene and I just found myself truly enamoured. It doesn't surprise me that Em attracts such radiant beings into her life. Since I didn't know most of them, it was quite refreshing to just sit back and absorb their connections. To listen to their stories and put the pieces together of how they all met.

I think we all felt connected immediately because of the common thread of loving Em...who is so easy to love. As the sun went down and the tea lights in the jars surrounding us began to flicker, each of us placed a dreadlock bead in Em's hair while sharing how we felt about her. There were giggles and sighs and nodding heads to all the mushy stuff said but it was Tara's words that I will never forget.

I am in awe of their sisterhood and I saw such a selfless letting go for Tara and her best friend moving so far away. As they shared with one another their deep love appreciation for their friendship, we all had tears running down our cheeks. For a moment, we too felt the warm energy that the two of them wrap around one another. Magical. Just magical and a moment I feel extremely honored to have witnessed. are a gem to so many. Like I said as I gently placed the bead on my dreadlock of choice, there are so many reasons you could be intimidating to others; your beauty, your style, your outrageous talent, your fame, your heart, your character. But you are so very humble and giving and you truly open your arms so generously.

You are so much the change we want to see in this world.

Blessings on your journey, dear friend. I look forward to the day we rub our dreads together. ; )

Tara posted more love and images here.

{cedar and i are off to northern cali for a week to be with my family. take gentle care all of you.}