published in somerset life!

photo by kelly rae

Months ago, Kelly Rae let me know that she was writing an article on friendship for Somerset Life magazine. She had asked if she could use images from the session I photographed of her and her BFF, Mati Rose last Fall at Squam.

I was tickled that the timing of her writing this article shortly after that photo shoot was so absolutely harmonious. Initially, I had scheduled separate photo shoots of both her and Mati but last minute we thought it would be fun to also get a "few" photos of the two of them together. It ended up unfolding into this beautifully bonding experience for all of us and such a release for the two of them together at the end of a long week.

Behind the lens I fell in love with their connection, which both seemed so grown up and then so giddy and childlike. We had joked that it felt like I was doing an engagement session because of how close and intimate it ended up being. I felt honored to capture the endearing and charming layers of it all. I had no idea the impact this session would have on the three of us.

The article has been recently published and is on bookshelves as I write this. When I first read it, I became lost in her words, resonating so much with how much my friends have helped nurture and guide me throughout my life. I love how she expresses how different friendships offered different gifts at different times in her life and the acceptance surrounding all of that. It was surreal to see my photos accompany her powerful sharings. I feel honored. Humbled. Awestruck.

When I found out it was on the shelves, my boys and I took a trip to Barnes & Noble and there it was; The sweet salmon colored beauty with Kelly Rae's article on the cover with "Friendship" in big juicy white words. Chills I tell you. Chills and tears. As I sent a picture message via my phone to my family, I felt so totally choked up and blissed out. Especially when they wrote back that they were proud. I don't think those words will ever fail to move me deep when coming from my family. No matter how old I am or how many dreams have come to fruition. It feels so good to make them proud. My inner child take sit all in.

More than all of that, I feel so proud of Kelly Rae. To have witnessed her follow her dreams, take flight and soar has been so inspiring for my own journey. Do pick up a copy if you can. Her writing is absolutely yummy.

Kelly Rae wrote about it here...and Mati here.