a swirly story.

cedar & swirly
cedar & swirly, canon 50d

Cedar is 9 months old today. Rather than write about him and the new and adorable animated facial expressions he is making, I thought I'd show you.

My friend Christine (Swirly Girl) spent the day with us a few weeks ago. It was a treasured day I will not forget. She was the first friend to see me post Portland trip with new dreads and stories about Cedar meeting his birth parents. We curled up on the couch and spilled while Cedar was napping. I hadn't realized how much I needed to spill and her too...in true girly fashion.

But then Cedar woke up and she offered to watch him while I go upstairs to do a bit of work. Time allowed for this has been tight lately and she was sensitive enough to notice. So, I reluctantly went upstairs because it is hard for me to accept help at times. I was trying to focus on my work while feeling grateful and humbled and I heard her reading him a story with a variety of voices. It cracked me up. I know Swirly is a major goofball but I had yet to hear her do this. I grabbed my camera and ran downstairs and captured the whole scene. What I love most about how the photos turned out is that Cedar's personality shines through...much better than words could ever express.

It was a darling and bonding exchange between them...this you will see::

Swirly Story
*put speakers on

She always does her best to take care of those she is connected to. Now Cedar feels it too. *sigh*