blueness lifting.

As I continue to surround myself with stuff that brings joy into my home, the blueness I've been feeling begins to lift. Even if just a little.

Cedar has been cutting a tooth up top...not so fun for him. Yet, I know he loves Reggae music and he always laughs when his momma is super silly and he loves our Gourd Shaker, so put all these things together and it puts an extra bounce in his step...

...and mine too.

I made this video for my family and now am sharing it with you. How can we not smile a wee bit when watching his graceful bounces? If you could see his feet, you would see they are pointed. My sister thinks he might be a dancer someday since he points his toes and sometimes does a little pirouette in his Merry Muscles.

Wish you could see his face too...smiling big with his two bottom teeth and top one peeking through and swollen gums.