happy birthday omi

Cedar and I created this video ditty for Boho Boy's mother Birgit today (also known as Omi...pronounced Oomie...Grandma in German).

I promise a writing post soon. I've just realized that when I am tired and not feeling well, moving pictures are so much more simple to express what is going on in our home, our hearts these days!

For those of you that have sent such sweet supportive emails about our videos...THANK YOU...our family soaks up every morsel and we love sharing these moments with you.

I had this one cool reader of mine write to tell me that she was having a really tough day due to a grade for a nursing school exam not being what she expected. She shared that the videos of Cedar singing and us cuddling on the bed together warmed her from the inside out and shifted her perspective...easing her way into the rest of the day (thank you, R...). I am not sure if she truly understood how much this meant to me (although I told her but still...I wondered if she grasped it).

Its been hard feeling this way...not fully present in my body and mind and having a tough time expressing myself through words as a result. Writing is such a huge part of who I am and for that to not feel the same, well...you can imagine. So, of course some fears and insecurities have surfaced about me just sharing videos lately in this space and wondering if these moments in my life that I am sharing will have the same impact that my words do. Because what I put out into the world means something to me; my art, my words...and that need to know that somehow, somehow they will create positive change. Even if for one person. Its worth it and motivates and inspires me and humbles me to the core.

So that email was like a warm blanket of reassurance and so have the others been. Thank you...words are so powerful, both the kind and not so kind. Since I try to be a gentle and considerate communicator, I deeply appreciate and notice when others are as well.