newbie with the laptop camera thingy.

My husband brought home a MacBook a while ago and I only JUST got brave enough to play with the built in camera & iMovie yesterday. I keep cracking up at myself watching this. I just can't seem to focus on the teeny tiny black lens at the top of the laptop. I keep looking at the screen, which is like looking in a mirror and its hard NOT to watch when you're looking back at yourself in a flipped image. Super weird and crazy...but fun!

So, I think this is how I will do my vlogs now once I get the hang of looking at the lens. ; ) SO much easier than having to upload videos from another camera (and the lighting seems a wee more flattering...unless that is just because I am feeling better. i don't look as sallow and droopy faced as in other vlogs).

Film I refer to at the end is Where The Wild Things Are.