tiny scenes from my parents house.

When at my parents house this week, I created these videos for Boho Boy because we were missing him so, so much while away. One of the tough things about his work schedule is that he can't take these trips with me all of the time and he might miss a milestone or two. BUT thank goodness for our Flip, text messages/videos, this blog and email to keep our family connected despite the distance.

I wanted to share the cuteness, though I feel I need to put in a little disclaimer for my marmie's sake. Their house was a bit disheveled because she had four guests staying the night in their small home plus an explosion of baby toys. I know she might want me to tell you that, although at the time none of us noticed the mess as we were simply enjoying being together. Now that I am sharing these bits with the world, she might notice it more. ; )

{sister darlene holding cedar}