our sacred dock
thea on our dock at squam, 2009, canon 50d

for those of you that haven't met her or been to her site yet, i wanted to introduce you to one of my besties, thea coughlin. i met thea years ago via blog land and together we traveled our fertility journeys, side by side. we went through so much together at super speed and now i can't remember a time when she wasn't in my life.

today she posted her very first vlog and when she wrote to tell me, expressed her bundle of nerves over it all. i SO get this! it takes time to feel comfy in your skin while looking at the camera, knowing hundreds, if not thousands will eventually watch it. i am just now finally getting really comfy with the idea and my imagination takes me to a place of cozying up on my couch with all of you near, simply just having a chat.

so, if you at all feel inspired, do leave her some soul droplets so that she can gather up her bravery to share more with us. she is SUCH a pleasure to watch and has so much wisdom to share.

she has taught me so much in my life and many times, picked me up out of darkness and helped me rediscover my voice, my passions, my "self" again. i love you, girl...toe to toe.

thea's vlog.