pamela. {updated}

my sister Pamela
pamela on ocean beach, canon 50D

My sister Pamela goes in for major back surgery today at 7:15AM PST. The kind where they go in through the stomach, take out all the goods and operate on her spine. Sorry to be so graphic but it is an image that haunts me a bit and it makes it that much more prayer worthy. She is my sister, woven deep into my heart and when my sisters feel intense feelings, I feel them too...from afar, even if we haven't spoken. Its just one of those sister things. So, I am having difficulty sleeping this morning (hence, me writing this at 5am).

I thought in the name of comfort, solace, support and love...I would come to you. I know this space has attracted such healing spirits and gentle warriors. So please, my friends...can you please send up to the Universe and heavens all the prayers you can muster? Candles lit? Positive affirmations? Comic relief? For my dear sister? She reads this blog and I know she will come here when she is lying in her bed for weeks post surgery. I would love for her to feel each of you...the way I do when my heart is broken and fallen to pieces and you pick it up and put it back together so creatively and beautifully with your tender words.

She's suffered back pain for years and has finally found an amazing doctor that discovered the root of her pain and was willing to take a risk to help create a life for my sis that she longs for.

She wrote to me recently..."I am going to learn how to dance like Beyonce when this is over...".

I see you dancing sister. I see you filled with more joy. I see you loving yourself more fiercely. I see you singing in the shower with that gorgeous voice of yours. I see you running on your hikes in Yosemite, not walking. I see you fully embracing the strength of your body. I see it all. I see you.

I love you, Pammie. In two hours I will be on my knees. You won't be alone.

{UPDATE: Just got this note from her husband... "Pamela's surgery went perfect. She was so young and so strong that they were able fit the largest and most modern protein-powered spacer between her vertebrae. She will definitely be the tallest Andrade after this! : ) She is going to gain a full inch or more in height. I am so very relieved and happy."}

So, I will now have a happier and taller sister. ; ) Thank you so much for circling her and our family during this time. IT WORKED!