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custom warmers from treehouse 28

Alix is such a divinely creative soul celebrating the uniqueness of custom hand made clothing. She is the designer of the infamous Treehouse 28 custom clothing line. Her designs are some of my most treasured pieces in our boho closet. It is so very special to know she is creating something that was made to fit my figure perfectly, sewn together with pure love and intention.

Her and I put our heads together to provide something unique and fun for this giveaway. We hope you are as thrilled about it as we are. Firstly, here is a little bit about the ethereal beauty that is Alix...

alix of treehouse28
Alix Bill McCauley, designer of Treehouse 28 clothing

Treehouse 28 clothing was born on Etsy a few years ago. The company now has a wholesale division, run by my husband and brother in law, that sells ready to wear items in stores all over the country!

Etsy is special to me, a place where I can interact personally with customers and expand my creativity. Everything I make is custom... unique to each customer's specifications. I design all of the pieces from scratch while incorporating my passion for uniqueness, beauty, simplicity and comfort. Every piece is hand made, from start to finish :)

Most importantly, I am the Mother of two amazing little people that are my world, my constant inspiration.



  • Winner will receive one pair of Custom Warmers from her shop. You get to choose the colors!
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  • Winner will be chosen at random
  • Comments will be closed 10pm PST Wednesday, Feb 3rd
  • Winner to be announced Thursday, Feb 4th

{thank you dear alix!}

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