where i have been.

family love.
jimmy, stacy, bella wish & baby in belly.

mccabe, jess & stacy at moonlight beach.

rock painting.
painting rocks by the sea.

gathering of souls.
me, stacy, jess, jenica & mccabe, taken by jenica's man.

stacy & me
schmoopy & me.

my painted hand & dreads, taken by stacy

jess braids
jessamyn, gentle spirit braided goddess, canon 50d

jess wall.
jess at ocean beach.

jess sunflare
jess & the sun.

jess & cedar
cedar & jess...seeing one another.

Over the last 7 days I have...

Discovered a silver lake in the middle of a city.
Felt a baby girl's toes dancing through the belly of her mama.
Chatted with a stranger in a gorgeous cafe about my son's funny toes.
Slept under star lights.
Felt my tongue burst with the flavors of lamb and fruit infused with friendship.
Witnessed my son hold drumsticks and emulate the rhythm of a heartful drummer.
Sighed at the vision of a curly headed beauty twirl her mama's hair for comfort.
Gathered with women carrying hearts as large as the ocean in their bosoms.
Painted rocks by the sea and broke bread in what felt like Italy with these women.
Curled up on the couch with a soulful mirror.
Dug deep and peeled and felt soothed all at once.
Allowed an untying of knotted up fear that was so tightly wound in my belly.
Walked in the moonlight, near crashing waves, spilling love of photography.
Laughed when we wanted to cry.
Cried when we wanted to laugh.
Laughed and cried simultaneously.
Giggled at my son licking sand off of his hands. Over and over.
Marveled at 3 dread goddesses/gods playing guitar on the sidewalk with flowers in their hair.
Observed my son feeling as safe as I did with this gentle soul.
Felt so grateful that my husband knew what my friend needed.
Ate a lot of avocados.
Collaborated on a creative-heart-soul-purposeful vision with a kindred sister in Ireland.

Ohhhh...I feel so alive and true and in touch and closer to me.