bellingham, smoothies & american idol.

green smoothie.
green smoothie, canon 50d

I know I've been a bit quiet this week. With Cedar being a bit more mobile, its been really fun exploring our days together. I am soaking in the wisdom of many mothers before me and am truly embracing each moment with him. Even the moments when we are laughing at flax seeds in his diaper from the flax seed toast he ate the day before. ; )

Our minds have also been occupied on our upcoming trip to Bellingham, Washington for Spring Break (we might also spend a few days in Victoria, B.C...depending on the flow of our days). Bellingham sounds like a slice of Utopia. Years ago when in high school, my friend Letha had a dream that her and I would study art at WWU in Bellingham. The way she described it then sounded dreamy but I wasn't yet ready to venture out at that time in my life. My dear friend Marybeth lives there now and I can't wait to snuggle up and watch our children play. So looking forward to how Cedar is with three gorgeous, creative, soulful and spirited girls, all older than him. So far with the few friends (his age) that he has played with at the park, I see a gentle, chill, forgiving spirit about him. I will not at all have this expectation that this will always be his way. In fact, I have no expectations at all...but it is so heart filling to see him being kind to others when he hasn't had any experience with siblings or other little ones.

I also wanted to share with you something that Cedar and I try to do together each day; drink a green smoothie. I have tried many varieties and my most favorite is my friend Sara's tropical blend. You can find the recipe on her foodie site here (scroll down for the video). She inspired me to drink it out of a mason jar. Everything tastes and looks better with a mason jar!

green smoothie time.
cedar & moi, drinking our afternoon nectar

p.s. i am watching american idol this season and i just need to give a shout out to Crystal Bowersox. i love her ways. i love that she may shift things for this show in the future. encourage others to listen to indie artists. and i love that she brought a comfy carpet with her on stage because she felt it was too cold and sat down on the carpet with ryan seacrest. she's such a kindred spirit. love her dreadlocks. love the ribbons in her hair. love her arm jewelry. she just rocks.

another p.s. check out this delish giveaway over at gypsy yum's blog.