the grass on the other side.

from my view
cedar & me yesterday, taken with phone

I've received so many delicious emails from fellow curvy women sharing that my previous post about the Lane Bryant commercial and curves felt empowering and really hit home with them.

"It feels so good to read that I am not alone, I have poured over the comments again and again!"

"Thank you for that. Today I am feeling a little bit more comfy in my skin!"

Oh how I teared up at many of your stories. I felt in a way, we truly did all meet up at the mountain and celebrated who we are as women. A safe space was created through that post and I am honored so many of you spilled such sacred, private, raw feelings about your bodies through both comments and emails.

I also received an email from a woman (a fellow adoptive mommy) on the other side of curves. With her permission, I am sharing it here anonymously because I have a feeling it will move and shift your perspective and heart as it did mine.

"I read your post and wanted to share something...maybe I just wanted to free this thought from my mind, but anyway...since my son was born, I have felt so self conscious that I DON"T have any curves....there is no cushy place for him to lay his head...everything is bony and I have no comfy breasts for him to snuggle against. It has caused me to feel less "motherly" and feminine. I literally felt bad for him ~ that he wasn't comfortable against me. Today has been one of those emotional days...he is such a busy little person ~ not much time for mama these days. How I long for snuggles and softness...sometimes I wonder if maybe he would be more snuggly if he would have had a softer place to snuggle up against. Just thinking "out loud" and hoping you know that life isn't always "greener on the other side" ~ continue to welcome those curves ~ I'm sure Cedar loves them!! :) Much love ~"

I wanted to share this because sometimes we feel so consumed with our side of the grass when it comes to our body images. We can't imagine that a woman shaped different than us could desire to be where we are, for various reasons.

I am also sharing this with hopes that you, my wise, gentle and loving readers...can offer up some comfort to this woman. Some affirmations, some hope and encouragement, perhaps how she resonated with you. My heart is with her. I am so honored that she chose this moment to be so brave with raw emotions that took so much courage to put out there.