where we fell in love.

younger years
me & boho boy in our younger years. i look so smitten.

We are off for the weekend, to the place where Boho Boy and I met and fell in love. We'll be pointing out to Cedar all the places where his mom and dad made out. ; ) And where daddy rescued mommy's purse that was lost in the sand one late night. Once we got back to my place and realized I had left it on the beach, he insisted we go back and he was my hero, digging in the sand, by moonlight, past midnight. So sexy.

Our first date was awesome. Toes in the sand and spilling our hearts. Spontaneously wine tasting and purchasing a bottle of chocolate wine. Eating sushi and everyone staring at us. We think they thought he was Robert Downey Jr.

Ohhh...the memories will all flood back.

Will be back on Monday...xoxox