from a whisper to a shout.

cedar & me

I took this photo today. Boho Boy and I were laughing at Cedar's supermodel lip pout. I just had to share it. I think I need to wear brighter colors. My sister liked this green on me...and when I wore a bright turquoise shirt once she said I looked 10 years younger. I have always gravitated towards muted colors. Earthy. Every once in awhile I'll put on a shirt like I did in this photo and I do notice it brightens up my world a bit. Just something I was thinking about today.

While at Java Mama Cafe today, a song came on and Cedar stood up with the truck he was playing with in the play area and did three twirls. The parents looking out at the play area from the bar looked at me and laughed. It was awesome. And then three parents came up to me and said "your daughter is so cute."

Boys twirl too. ; )

So we are toying, flirting, playfully talking about the idea of living life on the road for a year before we move to Bellingham. Getting an RV and tricking it out Boho Style. Giving Cedar the whole country for his playground. We're doing some research. Chatting with a few friends/bloggers that are currently living life on the road. Each of us have a practical side. I'm a Virgo. He's a Cancer. Well...that says it all. But we also have a gypsy side and truly wonder if this is the only time we can really do something like this. Drive from yummy place to yummy place, visiting family and friends, setting up camp and exploring as we both work our online jobs (I swear my ecourse is going to come to fruition...I swear).

More on the idea of us having wheels for a home soon...if it blossoms from a whisper to a shout.