Happy Birthday Boho Boy!

happy birthday boho boy!
my boho boys in january, 2010

My dear husband turned 40 today.

I was madly in love with him the day we were married on a cliff, near the sea, with fabric flowing up top tall bamboo and lanterns and lights in the trees.  We were surrounded by faerie magic and the deep love and support from our yummy family and dear friends.

Every day since that magical one, I fall deeper and deeper in love with who he is as an individual, husband, father, son and friend.

The other day he was sitting on the couch reading and I was across from him curled up in his brown leather man-chair.  He asked me why I was looking at him so funny and I said "because you look a lot like you did the day we met in that kitchen in Santa Barbara early in the morning.  Same shorts.  Same type of shirt.  Same tousled hair."  I kept sacred to myself what else I was feeling.  A little shy to keep going because he seemed embarrassed enough already.  But my heart was swelling that I married that man and he we are, 8 years later and I am still so crushed out.

Please leave him some birthday yums in the comment section.

We are away from our family and friends and I so want him to feel wrapped up in love today from those that surround us in our life.  I planned a spa day for him near the sea.  A 90 minute deep tissue massage and a float tank.  Then dinner at one of our fave places.  YUM.

Here are 40 reasons why I love him.

1. He is so very witty and makes me laugh every. single. day.
2. He loves to read and reading is sexy.
3. He can be the life of the party or the quiet one in the corner reading.  Love that.
4. He has an open mind and is not a fan of labels/boxes on ideas/people.
5. He has the most beautiful forest green eyes.  They sometimes look gray or brown.  Awesome.
6. He has a deep understanding and appreciation for the sacred feminine.
7. I feel he truly sees me and wants me to be ME.
8. He has always encouraged and supported my dream to be a freelance artist/writer.
9. He has worked so hard since I met him so that one day soon we will all live somewhere in the country and work from home, doing what we both love and teaching our child(ren) how to follow their dreams.
10. He has such a deep well of patience and has taught me to be more patient.
11. He has taught me to breathe deep and ask for space when we disagree, so that it doesn't escalate to a place where we say things we don't mean.
12. He gives the best hugs ever.
13. He is 6'2 and I am 5'3 and...well, that is yummy.
14. He loves camping in the redwoods of Norther California.  I grew up camping there.
15. He loves/needs to live near the ocean.  Me too.
16. He is a writer and has been writing a trilogy for years. It is Awesome.  That's hot.
17. He wants to build us a meditation dome in our backyard someday.
18. He is a self taught construction dude (love him in a tool belt).
19. He grew up with a mother from Germany that loves traveling, hosting parties and cooking and a father that was an archeologist/anthropologist/professor/musician and a brother that is a fine artist hippy.  A truly bohemian fam.
20. He is willing to try any way of eating and always jumps on board with me when I start a new thing (currently Vegan).
21. He does Tai Chi in our living room with our son running in and out of  his legs.
22. He is a very present father to Cedar.
23. He has been in a band and is an awesome drummer.  He drums on everything.
24. He walks around naked, very comfy in his skin.  Its inspiring.
25. He is very open minded about spirituality.
26.  He loves/admires both Jesus and Buddha (me too).
27. He introduced me to Sci-Fi and brought out my inner Geek from 6th grade that felt she had to be something other than who she was to be loved and accepted.  I now embrace the Geek in me.
28. He wants to travel to Thailand someday.  Me too.
29. He loves and is proud that his lady is a Boho.
30. He reads my blog every time I have a new post.
31. He supports and encourages girly get-aways for me.
32. He loves to Kayak.  Kayaking is hot.
33. He appreciates and loves my curves.
34. He needs communication to feel truly intimate with a woman and is not afraid to admit that.
35. He went to therapy for a while before we met and had self-help books in his bookshelf.  That is hot.
36. He wants to build us a straw bale house someday.
37. He wears drawstring pants and rainbow sandals in the summer.  HOT.
38. He wasn't afraid to tell me he wanted to marry me a few weeks after we met.  Love his brave heart.
39. He thinks being a man is being in touch with your emotions and knowing who you are.  HOT.
40. I always dreamed of marrying a man from a different country.  He's Canadian.  Canadians ROCK.

Bonus fact:  He taught me the concept of asking one another "what are you afraid of?" during disagreements or grumpy moments.  It shifts from projecting to introspection.  YUM.