questions for boho*

boho sunshine

Over the next few weeks, every spare moment of mine (in between Cedar naps and laundry and grocery shopping and meal preps and cleaning our home) I will be writing and gathering stuff for my web designer. Yes, I FINALLY hired a true blue web designer rather than stumbling my way through it myself. I am in the finishing stages of writing my ecourse and I want to have one space where you can go to find me, rather than four different places.

Since I am creating more time for me to stop procrastinating and just get. it. done...I will need to focus focus. So, one of my readers had a fun idea for my blog over the next few weeks. My friend Em had her blog readers ask her questions in the comments and then she answered as many as she could in future blog posts.

So my dearies...if there is something you've been meaning to ask me, I'd love to try my best to answer, as long as it is still protecting the privacy of the rest of my family.

I'm so excited for inspired writing material from you creative beans!  If you don't have a blog and you are writing anonymously, do tell us where you are writing from.  I will be posting these questions (and answers) in my future posts.


p.s. my sis has posted stories about our time at the farm over at her blog...SO cute.