old woman in cafe
woman in a cafe, canon 50d ~ august break #18

Waiting for my friend in the cafe, I couldn't help but gaze at this older woman. She was so chic and comfy in her skin. Her darling hat and gorgeous scarf and piercing blue eyes had me. A few times her eyes would linger over at me, peering over the top of her cup.  They sparkled and smiled.  No one met her there.  She just sat alone, sometimes people watching, mostly reading.  I wondered if this was a place her and her love would meet and now her purse sat where he/she once did.  I imagined she has traveled the world, been on safari, lived in Paris.  She had that richness about her.  It was so tempting to sit in the chair near here and ask a thousand questions.  I can see myself in her years from now.  I wonder if she saw herself in me.

I thought it would be fun for some of you to make up a story about her life.  Who you think she was and the places she went and the people she met...