50th Anniversary.

50th Anniversary_1
50 years, canon 50d ~ august break #20

50th Anniversary_3

50th Anniversary_2
my marmie & daddy, canon 50d

In 1960 a beautiful red-headed French Canadian woman married a dark and handsome Portuguese man. That is when the story of our family began.

My throat felt a lump when I was taking these photos today. They are still so in love and were acting like giddy young kids all crushed out. I am so inspired. Look at them! Just writing this I feel teary.

This type of love and commitment is so real. Its not easy. It has hills and valleys and bumps and flatness and waves and highs and bliss. Their layers of love runs so deep and my faith in romantic love has always been so solid because of this. No matter how hurt or disillusioned I felt at times in the past, I never gave up on the idea that love like this could last.

I love you marmie and daddy. You are the perfect parents for us. We celebrate your love story today.

50 years!!!  Oh my goodness...