Anne of Green Gables-ish*

family walk in the orchard
cedar, uncle jj, marmie, daddy & auntie dd, canon 50d ~ august break #25

On my parent's 50th Anniversary, we went for a long walk in my sister's almond orchard. Both Darlene and her husband Jay were walking us through the life of an almond and the process of nurturing and getting them ready for picking. I walked behind all of them the whole time with my Big Camera. It gave me an opportunity to see them together in a line, side by side, stepping in unison...while Cedar ran in and out of their legs and squatted down to pick something up and throw it and then get up again. It felt a bit Anne of Green Gables-ish...and I soaked in every moment, knowing many of us are unable to experience moments like these with our family.

My heart ached to give a life like this to Cedar. To wake up every morning like we did while there last week when everyone was still sleeping and walk through these glorious trees together...just him and me. I had a warm steamy mug in my hand and he pulled his wagon with stuffed animals down lane after lane. The air was still crisp and our pajamas were getting dusty and the birds were serenading us. Oh how I could get used to seeing his glee and connection to mother nature. His cheeks were rosy and he slept deep during his naps and at night.

Boho Boy grew up like this in Canada...around acres of land and a magical faerie forest of all types of trees with a bridge to a river. I know it is interwoven into his soul and he so badly wants this for Cedar. So, we have plans and coming home from this trip our plans will unfold sooner rather than later. Our goal is to move either after the holidays or no later than before summer begins. The Pacific Northwest is calling us and at first we will live either downtown or closer to the city...for a year, to get to know folks, be a bit social and get acquainted with our surroundings. Then we hope to move to the country somewhere, somehow...perhaps be the home where all our family and friends come for nurture, expression and love. With all of this said, I am doing my best to let go of any of these expectations and live in the moment where I am here. To find places and ways for Cedar to roam and express himself and release the pent up energies that toddlers hold inside. Our third floor little loft home in the city is not really conducive to this, so mommy needs to get creative.

So my practice this week is to take deep breaths and be present in the moment and trust.

I was unable to get to yesterday's August Break photo, so here it is: Grandmarmie, Vu Vu & Cedar sitting on the window bench my daddy made for my sister. He does such beautiful work!

grandmarmie, vu vu & cedar
august break #24