beachy night*

late evening on the beach
the bohos on the beach at night, taken with palm pre phone, august break #28

After dinner, we decided to take a drive to the beach so Cedar could walk/run/skip/jump off some of his energy.  It was really beautiful.  A bit foggy and lit up from the gorgeous resort that lined the sand.  The playground facing the ocean was a mysterious place for the older kids to be in the dark.  Cedar was so totally brave.  After the slide and swinging him a bit we walked through the sand to the shore together.  Cedar was up top on daddy's shoulders and I lifted up my hemp pants.  We walked closer to the shallow waters while the small waves crashed over our feet.  In the dark.  There is something so sexy about the beach at night.  Boho Boy and I were suddenly filled with this childlike joy.  Feeling gratefulness that we live in such a beautiful place but also aware of a knowing that we are ready to venture out to different shores soon.  I felt like last night we were paying homage to our time here.  We could see the cliff in the distance where we stood and made our vows in 2004 on our wedding day. It was such a surreal moment.

We live inland and sometimes we can get so wrapped up into our worlds that we don't take the time to go to the beach.  Its only a few freeways away...a 20 minute drive, if that.  We talked about visiting the beach after dinner once a week until we move.  It shifts things.  There is magic in those waters and the moon goddess reflecting her curves in the water. I've been in such a place of longing to create a home elsewhere and I think this is one way to keep me in a space of gratefulness for what surrounds me...even if it doesn't feel like home to me.

I had Boho Boy snap a photo of us to document this moment.  First time using the flash on my phone (I never use flash...ever ever).  Its not the most fantastic photo of us but I still love it.  We need more family photos taken.  Perhaps I can get creative with the timer.

I wanted to thank you for your Brave Stories in my previous post.  I have been brought to tears and so humbly honored that some of you shared such sacred, private moments with me and my readers.  I know it is so very freeing, releasing those moments out into the world and celebrating your bravery.

{not sure if any of you know this but i am supposed to be wearing glasses all the time.  i lost them a while ago and got lazy about bringing myself to the eye doctor.  i finally found my specs, yet it was still hard to remember putting them on.  i suppose i got used to seeing a world that wasn't super sharp and clear.  but last night i remembered and boho boy told me a handful of times how sexy i looked so that's all it takes!!!!  OKAY.  i'll wear them now.  *wink*}