local cafe*

creative environment
yummy local cafe, canon 50d ~ august break #9

Its amazing how much I can get done in just a few hours when I step away from my home environment. I have realized that I am unable to focus at home when it comes to work. To me, home represents all the things that need to get done around the house and the longing to be with Cedar when he calls up to me at the loft. A cafe represents a swirling of creative energy and intellectual conversations and gazing and dreaming. Cozying up to this brick wall yesterday was so what I needed. So was brainstorming with my dear friend in Ireland who was up late and juiced up with ideas for my site. I felt like she was sitting across from me.

If you could choose anyone to sit across from you at a cafe for a few hours...who would it be? It can be anyone you know or wish you could know.