Yesterday, on my birthday, I felt so loved.  Seen.  Heard.  Understood. And you know what? I really needed that. I've been dealing with a few rough things the last few weeks, which has led to some very raw and vulnerable feelings surfacing. Stuff I need to keep a bit private out of respect for others involved.

So yesterday just felt like a huge healing balm. Just so much love from people all over, all day long into the night and I found myself walking softer and breathing deeper and smiling more and lightening up.

Today I woke up to something that rocked me to the core.   It amazes me how a day can shift from one to the next. I was faced with some emotional terrain that wasn't easy for me to walk through, yet I did and with support from loved ones, I got through it and will lay my head down tonight feeling more centered and fully in my integrity.

One of my dear friends sent me this today in an email...

When we say no, or when we follow our dreams or true callings - people might be "disappointed" in our choices.

Allowing people their disappointment sets us free.

~ Christine Kane

This pretty much sums up what its all about for me today and I found this so powerful, that I wanted to share it with you.  Saying no can be harder for me than people realize.  I am a sensitive and empathetic soul, not only about my own emotions but others.  Sometimes the lines blur between my feelings and theirs.  So there are many more layers to making this step for me.

The people pleaser/nurturer in me is learning how to let go.  I allowed others their disappointment and/or disapproval and it truly does set me free.