grandmarmie's jewel.

cedar necklace for grandmarmie
cedar's grandmarmie, canon 50d

It warms my heart so...that my marmie has her very own Cedar necklace, made with sincere love by my friend Stacy of Bella Wish.  He really has come into this family with a sweet, healing just the right time.

I write this as I hear him lightly pounding his starlight turtle in his crib before he falls asleep for his nap.  I could tell he needed alone time.  I am learning to pick up on his cues.  Sometimes we forget that wee ones need their space and solace too.  And how he does his soul work is to drum.  My friend Jess and I were talking about Cedar's drumming and how the rhythms sound so tribal, coming from deep within his gut.  Many times he repeats the same rhythm while he sings something along the lines of "hooya, eye-ya, mee-ya, la la, hooya oy-ya, ma-la ma ma".  He does this with his eyes closed and his head moving side to side...and I just envision Cedar in another life before this, dancing around a fire with his people, holding onto a drum and lifting his face to the full moon, surrendering.

Cedar and I are so deeply connected to the moon.  We feel her fullness deeply right now.  The last few days have been all about surrender.  This Bella Wish pendant and jewel hanging on my marmie's neck reminds me of the harvest moon.  Grandmarmie carries Cedar's spirit close.